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The Best Vitamin To Be A Happy Person is B1 
< Heart Disease, Diabetes, cholesterol

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I have big news for you.  

Aging doesn’t hurt, being stupid does.  

How do I know?  
I am 48 years young now. 
Last year I was 47 years old stupid.  

I my case it only took 5 months of using my body detox machines and changing my entire life of eating, thinking, exercising, & sleeping habits.  Prior to this I was getting 16 miles of aerobic exercise daily but still obese & sick.

~Joni Lund~


Founder of Joni Lund – Trading Post, Northern Plains Health Institute, and Paradise Ranch.

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~ Health Renewal Center:  You & Your animals.

~ Motivational Speaker, Artist, Merchandise Sales. 

~ Paradise Ranch: Grounds, Breeding & Sales of Paso Fino Horses/Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post & Healing
 1295 1st St S
  Carrington, ND  58421-1905
 Phone: (701) 652-1986 office  9 AM - 9 PM Central; call late.  
for more immediate service, leave message.  Prefer all contact by postal service mail or texts.

  No non-paying solicitor calls accepted.

~ Health Renewal Center:  You & Your animals.

~ Motivational Speaker, Artist, Merchandise Sales. 

~ Paradise Ranch: Grounds, Breeding & Sales of Paso Fino Horses/Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post 
 1295 1st St S
  Carrington, ND  58421-1905
 Phone: (701) 652-1986 office  9 AM - 9 PM Central; call late.  
for more immediate service, leave message.  Prefer all contact by postal service mail.

  No non-paying solicitor calls accepted.

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Specific to pollutants, xeno-estrogens, gender, etc.
Specific to cholesterol, cancer, hypertension
Results are directly proportionate to your honesty, obedience, resolve, ability to learn, & financial situation.
 Joni's theme song.
What everyone knew before 1960.
Hip flick on Hemp: paper > cloth> wood> food.
<  Excellent article on why we should rethink and look into to other ideas, other programs for
     health.  Written on my company stationary.  Shows close relationship of liver, gallbladder, &
     pancreas; they work as a unit.  It is important to keep that unit whole is what I am trying to
     impress unpon people.  So clean them, take care of them, loosing them will be life changing
     in a not so good manner.
< Remedy this before starting other hormone or immune problem fixes. So we need to know.
Use controls on video clips to control sound & play options.  Stop the first one to play the others.
About Us
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About Us
Our Services

VIDEO which tyes together diet, parasites, food manufacture greed.  
Not promoting the products they are selling.    
04/01/2014 New Distributor Kit  English #A90000D $29.95       New Distributor Kit Spanish #A90000E $29.95       Renewal #AOTHER9999 $25.00
44 yrs old
47 yrs old
49 yrs old
Human mind > plant> intent elsewhere> Music, Dance, Human Intent, Love, Manure Fertilizer, Radonics, Open to energy frequencies from God in Heaven, Prayer = Serious increase in crop production, lower crop losses., healthy people, healthy animals.
The Days when "living beings" may be replaced by robotics replacement are here, and no longer a TV movie reality.  
Expected to be fully engaged by 2050.  And in sex trade, year 2030.
SEE below.  Real Life Terminators, 

From war
to a

Sex Trade: Robot Women Service Men

Plum Island "Project Paperclip" Bio-disease warfare research, Diseases warfare with tick carriers.  
Project Shad what military did to its own troops test bio and chemical warfare.  Stilled mostly sealed records.  
Tuscany experiments with syphilis infections on own Americans. 
Human experimentation on Plum Island?  Jan 2010 found 6' African American washed up on shore, said not entirely human.  Had 5 holes drilled into his head.  Sign of lab experiments.  
Biohazard out break; 113 labatorys in USA refuse to disclose their operations to the public, aministy was granted by George W. Bush therefore likely biological experiments are being done.  As no one allowed to review facilities. 

All in regions with  CDC facility near by:
Syphilis in Alabama,           yellow fever in Florida, lyme disease in Connecticut, 
hanta virus in new Mexico,              bubonic plague in  flesh eating bacterias .

Now the PLUM ISLAND Lab, has been moved from the east coast island to the center of America.  Manhattan, KS.

Right in the middle of Cattle and meat production country.   Yeh....Right smack in the middle of tornado alley.  A storm could unleash these nightmarish organisms.  

Could the sloppy disposal we have seen in the past, put their biological shit into Americas food supply?  YES, IT COULD!  
Lab animals from colleges and research facilitys have been released into the pet store markets, and slaughter markets before.

Or else this may be the plan, anyway, at a strategic point and time.   Stupid shit has happened before, in the hands of maniacs. Remember Nazi rule?  Remember the USA hired the head of biological Nazi warfare program for operating Plum Island!  
Demented thinking is contagious.

As there is a "power block of elite citizens in this country which control the world's economy and our government."  They plan how to effect what ever they want, and trigger what is needed world wide to accomplish thetr yearly goal.  Wars are funded 6 months in advance before a declaration is made public "I was party to a conversation between a mother and son (he worked for the treasurery department.)  Nothing happens on the government level with out their seal of approval to fund a particular request.  Ammo for war is purchased months in advance of need too.)"

The only thing which fortifys the human health against such things, is the way the elements and nature have always worked.  Yahweh (God).  Lots of necessary high quality nutrients, and loads of oxygen!  Exactly the stuff most alternative medicines advocate!  
s this why there is so much interest in disqualifying the validity of those practices?   Practices which where employed in Germany before the WWII, vs. pills.