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#1   USA Postal Money Orders: immediate shipment. 
 From Your local Post Office.  They take cash only and charge a $1.25 to $3.30 fee for
the money order transaction.  Both retailer and customer can track the buying &
cashing of a USA Postal Money orders.   
Making this the safest payment method for all parties involved.

#2.   Cash Payment:  is checked for authenticity.
  When ordering, wrap in a sheet of paper so it is not obvious cash is being mailed. 
 Better to mail to next whole dollar amount then to send loose change.  We can  refund
 you. Be advised there is No guarantee mail with cash in it will reach us. 
 Use minium of two  $ .55 cent stamps or two flat rate stamps, when mailing cash.  Jan 2020

We first bill for products, then bill for the shipping(s).

#3.   Preferred form of all payments! Debit Cards; preferred form of electronic payments. 
 Order will not be shipped or paid for; if your mailing address doesn't match the
owner of credit card placing the order theorder. 

#4.  Credit card payments are accepted at this time.
                 Sorry not accepting any type of American Express Cards.
                  Will accept debit cards, Master card, Vista card, & Discover.

Order will not be shipped or paid for; 
        if your mailing address doesn't match the owner of credit card  placing the order. 

#5.  Pay Pal Payments are available.  
Use fee for Pay Pal, -0- USA or Foreign orders add 15% to order.
    From your checking or saving account to
    There is a set up waiting period for new paypal accounts.  Approx 1 month. 
      See order form.   Sell to verified accounts only.

  C.O.D             We do not accept COD (cash on delivery) shipments.  
                  We do not ship retail products out by COD (cash on delivery).   

Lay-a-way for our customers as follows:
     1.  Monthly $10.00 fee(whether for 1 day or 31days, a flat fee) fee for lay-a- way; to help
cover postage and statements costs.
     2. at interest rate of 10% on balance due us, figured on monthly balance.  
     3.  We ship products after the balance is paid off at current shipping rates.  

Non-payment: means you canceled your lay-a-way agreement. Releasing back to us the products sold to you on time, and releasing to us any paid monies/fees. 

Late payment: a $15.00 fee will be added to your account balance for each late payment. 

Accounts with payments more then 30 days over due, will be considered to be in non-payment status, meaning you canceled your lay-a-way agreement.  Releasing back to us the products sold to you on time & all monies paid.

Cancelation of orders
Non-refundable  Items:
*You are still subject to paying for LABOR on all orders: from start date to date of refund or
*Saddle trees: that our full cost, including tax & shipping to us.
*Materials & sales tax used prior to cancelation or refund request.
*Shipping, C.O.D fees, health supplements, or "out of stock" fees.

*Custom Items:  non-refundable.
*Any items with monogramming; including business or personal logos, photo, embossing,
numbers, initials or names. With custom items you are still subject to paying for 
materials, labor, applicable fees, weither you purchased these items  it store, by mail,
or on Lay-a-way.  

There is No Cancelation of any lay-a-way agreements on monogramed or customized
items.  No cancelation of ordered supplements or "out of stock" items.
  You will still be subject to payment of full balance due us, collection costs &  all court costs
incurred with the collection of your account process.  

Doing a lay-a-way account or doing business with us means you agree with all of the above terms and those applicable by law due us.  

Doing Business with us means you agree to the Sales, and Release of Liability Terms weither you completely filled out the forms or not.

Link to Joni Lund's Online Card/Post Card Store

Joni LundAvailable:  Business Distributorship - Approx. $295.00 plus tax/shipping. 
1295 1st ST SContact us to join. OR  Purchase Cards & gift packets online.
Carrington, ND 58421

Phone (701) 320-6200  Products come shipped right to your door or to the recipients door.
Cards may be preset to arrive at a pre determined date or occassion.
You can write personalized messages.  Do a advertising mailing. 
Cards may even have postage pre- afixed.  
Payments taken on line, no Trading Post order forms to do so.

About Us
Our Services

Joni Lund's Card/Post Card Store #3 - 
Links to Information about this Business Below

 - Online payments and auto shopping carts.  
    None of Trading Post business forms.  
    Products shipped directly to you.
Trading Post
 Retail Sales Page
This website is not responsible for agreements between 
the Buyers and the Sellers.
Using this site means you will not
hold this site responsible for sales, payments, shipping & agreements
for products between the buyers 
and the sellers.  
About Us
Our Services

Like the the trading posts found in the mountains and the frontier West of the 1800's, we offer a variety of goods and services.  
Our trading post specializes in custom leather craft/goods and supplies including art, sculpture, tack, bits, saddles, harness, and craft supplies.  Our work includes dog collars, belts, checksbooks, plus.  We are only limited by your wallet.
Styles: Contemporary-modern, traditional western, and biker, big city type. 

We also carry a wide range of products from other venders.  We are only limited by the time it takes to list every thing on this website.

We have deleted most of the listings and are going to rebuild this site.  It will take a long  time to complete, so check in from time to time..

About US:  The beginning; now Joni Lund & Dan Hampton.

A Motivational Speaker - Life Experience/Direction, Nutrition Healing Theme, 
 Healing/Evangelic Touch.

Ads, Services of other venders, Local Websites

Articles:  Health, Natural Healing, Naturopathic, Alternative Medicines 

Art, Frames, Prints,Wall Art. Prints to custom gallery quality. 

Articles on Health Page

Assecessories:  zero listed

Blankets, Comforters, Accent Pillows:  zero listed

Books, DVDs, Videos, Tapes, Cassettes: Buy or Rent

Bits:  Several in stock

Blankets/Saddle Pads:    MORE TO COME

Candles & Holders 

Cards & Post Cards: Plus (gift baskets)(business distributorship) 
Order & personalize on line. Set predetermined mailing dates or have shipped to you.  
Cards go out to recipients.  Payments, orders all handled on Joni Lund's Card site.  Do not
use this site's order form.   NOT LINKED YET.   Call (701) 652-1986 9PM if you have questions. 
Leave message if no answer.

Dating, Warning, & Advice - With Paided Fee, we'll hook you up with people in your area.  You have to pay dating site fee of $65.00 for year' subscription, or $35.00 for a month.  You'll recieve a monthly list of canidates based on sexual orientation, income level, hobbies, goals, habits, and age.  You work out the rest. State:  ND

Detoxify: Equine, Bovine, Pets, & Humans Rent time on our machines.
First session free.

Health Articles Page

Equine Chiropracters, Massage Therapists, Vets, Farrier.

Equine, Pet, Human Parasite-Fungal-Bacteria-Virsus Removal Service

Health Articles Page

Completed Leather Work:  Hat bands, Gun belts, wallets/checkbooks etc.  Many
in stock & ready for your order. The saddle shop is re-openned &  we are expanding
our inventory.  Your horses' saddle, breast collar, bridle/reins, your belt/cowboy
cuff/holster/hair piece, dogs' collar can all be made as a matching set.  
We do alot of custom leather work verses all in-stock store, build as we
go.  Send idea to get a quote on a project you want built. 

The price you pay for any handcrafted product is based on three things. 
The quality of the workmanship, materials and design. 
The fourth and most important element, is the reputation of the maker.

Belts,   Cat & Dog Collars, 

Hunting, Gun, Revelors, Rifle   &   Knife Stuff

Fancy Clothes, Silk Sreening,  & Embroidry: 1 items listed
Custom, parade, show or expensive or personalied; renassence, 
reenactment, other west.  

Furniture:  this includes antiques.              zero  listed

Gifts: Western Sculpurezero listed

Groomingmany basics listing to come after tax season  COMING SOON

Hand Writing Analysis & Palm Reading:  

Harnessharness and collars, sizing chart.
listings to come after tax season  COMING SOON

Health Articles Page

Health and Supplement:  Potassium Iodide/Iodine & many others.   < Stylish Modern Medic Alert Bracelet Website

Human & Pet Detoxification:  kill molds, mildew, yeast, & parasites you
pick up from, soils, air, water, food, pets, livestock, family, & intimate
partners.  Chlorine in water kills bacteria, not parasites.  
Rent time on our machines or buy. 

First session free.  Become a distributor, earn cash back.

Horse EquipmentWorking/training equipment & horse drawn machinery 

Jewelry:  South Western EarringsWestern Bracelets

Necklaces/Pendants     Teen Adult Bracelets

Western Watches   Hair Pieces

Zipper pulls &          Fashion Jewelry with a
Miscellaneous FULL Life Time REPLACEMENT

Kitchen & Bath:  Recipes, accessories, decor

LeatherCraft Kits: many and varied  listings to come after tax season   

Motivational Speaker - Life Experience/Direction, Nutrition Healing Theme, 
 Healing/Evangelic Touch.

Palm Reading & Hand Writing Analysis:  

Parasite Page - article about, and some graphic videos proving the silent epedimic in
 the USA.  That main stream medicine says doesn't exist.


Ranch Equipment: farm & ranch

Raw materials: Leathers,  etc.   Not listed but call see what we have.

    Leather Craft and trade tools.  Books  none listed yet
Supplies: glue, rivets, cord, gem stones, conchos  none listed yet

Recipes:  Free recipes sharing and exchange Page for fun.

Replacement Hardware  for Tack, Saddle, Harness, 
RingsDeesBucklesSnapsHooks Rope Nylon webbing, rivets Etc

Rugs & Runners:  Zero listed

Saddles - We are a dealor for several companies. gaited horse stuff too.  
     We deleted our listings and are going to re build this page.

Speciality Foods:  Hot Sauces
Beverages/Snacks  { deleted these listings. Zero listed}

Spurs:  more to come

Tack:  all types   MORE TO COME

Real Estate:   zero listed now

Transportation:  all vechiles/machines/devices for man, women, child.  

Vacation/Travel/Hunting Needs:   Hotel, Motel, Bed Breakfast, Attractions,

Training ~ Breeding ~ Sales:  Horses & Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post
1295 1st St S
Carrington, ND  58421

 Phone 701- 320-6200 text.
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Sales of Retail Merchandise
Training ~ Breeding ~ Sales: Horses & Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post & Healing 
 1295 1st St S
  Carrington, ND  58421
  Call:        Phone 701- 652-19869PM central   for more immediate service.

NEW STUFF > completed
 Leather work
TRADING POST Consignment listing rates.

>Dating Site Fees:  $100.00 per year or $35.00 a month; to be listed/to receive listings.

>Animal or Item for sale or Lease:  Ad at rate of $15.00 for 6 months listing.

>Crafters several items of same style will be counted as one item for listing proposes. 
(ei: 6 wreaths of same style would be listed for one $15.00 fee.)

>Live flocks of : (ie chickens will be sold a rate of one fee of $15.00 for flock. 
But you may sell chicken as individuals.)

Other small items or small animals etc,  inquire what we'll charge.

>At Stud Listing:  $100.00 per year.  Your prices must meet or beat the prices of my studs of
 the same breed.
>Bull/Other Male Livestock/Dogs/Cats/Game, etc. Listing At Stud: $100.00 per year. 
Your prices must meet or beat the prices of my studs of the same breed.

>Lease Out Your Equine mare for inuterine foal or embroyo ads are at $15.00 rate.
>Lease or Sale of  Your Cow/Other Female Livestock/Dogs/Cats/Game, etc. Listings: for
inuterine offspring or embroyo ads are at $15.00 rate per 6 months.

For Advertising Services:  $100.00 per Year.  For business, merchants, Crafters, service
providers, ranchers, farmers, etc. To those whom want to adverise their businesses.  

$5.00 to change photo
$15.00 change text before;  ad expires.
$25.00 each  Video clip of item or stock:  Length not to exceed 3 minutes.

Payment type accepted:

>We accept local checks from Carrington, ND:  refused at our discresion ad posted when check
clears, 4 wks from day payment is recieved.

USA Postal Money orders: for immediate ad placement.  They take cash only. Charge
$1.50 per every so many hunderd dollars.  Preferred method of payment.   Customers
can check at post office when money order was cashed, and as A RETAILER we can
check  immediately if the MO is genuine.

Cash:  Wrap in a full sheet of paper so it is not obvious cash is being mailed.
If you send cash there is no guarnatee that payment reached us untampered.  
We have cash forgery checked.

Debit Card - The preferred form of payment, address & card ownership verified.  
 For immediate ad placement.

Credit Cards Honored: Sorry not accepting any type of American Express Cards.
                                       Will accept debit cards, Master card, Vista card, & Discover.
Above Payments to:  Joni Lund, 1295 1st St S; Carrington, ND 58421-1905

> Pay Pal  - from verified users to jonisstallionservice

To order: Print Order Form from one of the pages.

You don't have to be a member to order, but membership is necessary for member benefits.

Paid annual office fee is necessary for Health Renewal & education portion of our business. 

Link to Joni Lund's Second Online Retail Store

Joni LundAvailable:  Business Distributorship - Approx. $166.00 ;Contact us to join. OR
1295 1st ST SPurchase Environmental Friendly Soaps & other Products online.
Carrington, ND 58421

Phone (701) 320-6200   Standard orders over $130.00 free shipping.  
Products come, shipped right to your door.  
Payments taken on line, no Post Order forms to do so.

Home & Laundry Cleaners:  
Air purifiers, water cleaning systems, Cookware, Hair & body care products, Dental Care products, Shaving products, Body Wash & Butters, Lip & Nail Care, Top Perfumes/Cologne, Baby products, Baby foods/formula, Hygiene products, Skin accessories, Vitamins, Pain Relievers, Wound Care, Cold/Flu - Repellents; bug repellents/spray, disinfectent  products; Fragrance Free Oder eliminators,; Home & Kitchen Cleaning Products;  Car Care: fuel cleaner, car wash, polish/glaze, windshield wash, Oil: 10W-30 & 5w-30. Tissue, Toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, wipes, towelettes, Quality PET FOOD plus litter, shampoos, pet pads, & vitamins.  Batteries, solar flash lites, eco bulbs , trash bags, food containers, food wrap, food bags, Snack Food & Beverages, Marathon energizer snacks, Nut & Fruit Mixes; Italian ices, lemon animal cookies, multi grain crackers, beef jerky, theater popcorn, fruit cups, squeezable fruit, applesauce, trail mix bars, veggie chips, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Planters nut packs, Ritz its packs, fiber one, Quaker chewy & bars, cookie packs, , fruit chew snacks, corn nuts, chex mix, gold fish packs,Tasty Entrees, Pasta & pasta sauces, cooking oils, peanut butter, fruit spread, honey, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, Canned: chicken & tuna; Mac n cheese; organic brown rice bowel, rice noodle meals, Annie Chuns noodle bowls, Progresso chicken soups; Kraft mac & cheese cups, Molinaro's deep dish pizza kits, Libby's Organic green beans & corn, Organic diced tomatoes; TOP BRAND NAME CEREALS at GREAT PRICES; breakfast tarts; multi grain & granola cereals, FLAX CEREAL; *milled FLAX SEED just sprinkle on foods*; Organic soy milk, Organic Rice milk, reduced 2% milk, milk boxes, juice boxes; fruit drinks, Natural fruit juice soda; COCNUT WATER; fruit juice nectar ; sunny D; Arizona Green Tea stix packs; Natural fruit sticks; Arnold palmer Tea/lemonade  stix; canned espresso; bottled teas; KHAVE coffee Brewer & coffees; NINE to FIVE coffees; Grand Plaza Coffee; Instant Coco & sweeteners; ZSENSO Teas;

Optimal HEALTH: For men/women/kids -  Vitamin/mineral supplements; Antioxidant juices;protein powder; Health flavor to water; Get Customized vitamin AM & PM packets; Protein Bars; Snack Bars;Meal replacement shakes; meal bars; Stop watch; resistance training tubing; stability balls; energy cubes; energy bars; boost of energy tablets - rhodiola 110; hydration drinks; isotonic drink mix; whey protein bars; lean body mass drinks & powders; repair and renew drinks; flexibility pills; perfect flavored empowered water; XS Energy drinks: herbs-vitamins- amino acids & folic acids, not sugar 2 are caffeine free; Energy Gum; XS energy shots;  water purifier & water treatment systems; Cookware set; air treatment system.

Personal Accents Section:  Jewelry: for her, Cynthia Gale Collections, Trends for Her; Accessories for Her - bags, clutches, sunglasses; Accessories for Him: watches, c.links, sunglasses, pendants, rings, bracelets,  Signature Fragrances for All 

Fantastic Make Up and Skin Care Line/System: For Him & Her.

Ribbon Gift Collections: $30.00 to $1,000.00 In English & Spanish
Plus these additional categories: Arrival(baby), Delicious(Gourmet foods/cookware, Eco-Logical,  Guy Gear, I Do!, Kaleidoscope(games, arts, crafts kids 4-12)  Omaha Steaks, Pamper(women spa like gifts) Personal Accents jewelry for her).  
Receiver of gift card chooses product they want from a quality line offered in the price category online you bought for them.  Gift arrives in approximately 5 days.  Few days window where they can exchange their gift for another one if they didn't like their choice. 

For a limited time: 
Get introductory rate of Palm & Hand Analysis at combined rate of   $75.00
For a limited time: 
Get introductory rate of Palm & Hand Analysis at combined rate of   $75.00