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Advanced ERE
AntiParasite, Massager, Reflexology all in one.
Where do parasites come from?

Air - small worms, fungal spores, mold, mildew can be air-borne.

Water - City water only kills some bacteria & some single cell organisms.  But eggs of organisms are safe until in you, and hatch in
your nice warm environment.  Birds, fish, bugs, leave stuff they carry including from mouth, anus.
Well Water - Same as city water minus egg masses organisms birds and other put there unless snakes are laying eggs
down there.

Soil - Soil contains all types of bacteria, and waste products from creatures, people, God.  These waste products contain worms,
bacteria, virus, fungus, microscopic eggs,etc.

Food - contains insect & organism eggs, soils, manure fertilizers, dust, fungus, bacteria, virus on vegetable, canned food, or animal
proteins.  Meats, poultry, fish all contain worms or their eggs or larvae.  Over cooking kills them but leaves your food
contentiously.  Proteins - can contain tapeworms, blood flukes, liver flukes, etc.  Vegetables & fruit others & fungal.
Eating your food rarer leaves you open to more parasites, but getting dead  foods.  Personally I go with more rare foods
and Use the ERE to clean my body of parasites.

Pets - worms: many varieties and most do well in humans, too.  Carry soils & dust in doors, manure snifflers, eaters, lickers, butt
lickers; fungus, bacteria, virus too.

Livestock -  pick worms the same way we do.  

Friends/neighbors -  virus from air or hand shake,  worms we pick up from pets and spread it.

Spouse, parents, & children the same. 

From our parents as we are being born.  In some cases organisms pass through placenta barrier before birth.  Like tapeworms. 

Sexual Activities -  Parasites of all types are passed in the fluids.

What is a Parasite?

Bacteria, Virus, Fungus, Fungal, Yeast, Worm organism, Single Cell organism like protozoa or mitochondria.

The reason for a lot of food poisoning outside of not refrigerating foods quickly.

The Native Americans say if the mother has a tapeworm, her daughter will have cancer.

Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., N.D. states all cancers are parasite over load caused. 

I built this page because it is the only way for you to see first hand what you are dealing with.  Words alone seem to fall on deaf ears.

The rest of the items on this page will most likely be very graphic, and or be upsetting to the stomachs of many.

Watch at your own risk.

Parasites & Parasitic Insects  - Graphic video imagery of what is being found in people at the end of this article!  Threat to your health is real.

This First Page is why me, my family, friends and our pets use the ERE on the higher settings of two adjustments. Parasitic larva can’t survive the electromagnetic wave impulses of the Advanced ERE.  One setting on high frequency catches the swimmers in your blood, one setting on low frequency - catches nest clusters. It has not been elevated by the FDA for this propose; but that is the number one reason we use it daily.  The number two reason we use it is for it’s designed purpose - Reflexology.  Areas on the feet correspond to all the glands, organs, and parts of the body.  This relieves stress, tension, stimulates gland/organ function and helps nature achieve “homeostasis”.  Promotes circulation of your blood while loosening your muscles.  Helps restore blood circulation through scar tissue.  The only product  on the market with high and low frequency.  This probably why it is the enemy of parasites as a side benefit.  Three days after we started using this on the highest setting we could stand; we and pets started passing dead worms and worm cluster masses.  When we say parasites we are saying worms, fungus, bacteria, virus as a group. 
Against fungus – When I faithfully use it daily I do not exhibit yeast infections vaginal & have my energy.  ERE keeps the symptoms down; I can’t say it gets rid of yeast infections completely because when I miss treatments the yeast exhibits again in a few weeks.  Plus my spouse would re-infect me too. I suffer with systemic yeast infection, that means the yeast infection is in traditional female area, plus my whole body including my blood.  A thick over growth in your blood can cause your blood to clot and give you a stroke or heart attack.  Cancer patients all have two things in common, 1). Yeast infection 2).  Worm infections.  What is not agreed upon by the experts is whether the cancer causes these organisms to over-take us; or if the yeast or parasites cause it.  The parasite load to cause the cancer to develop. 
Plus other stuff, a very serious and dangerous thing for your health.  The ERE keeps me from needing to use a chemical poisoning for yeast infection cream monthly or fungal infection antibiotics (also hard on your good health). That stuff is currently about $30.00 a box.  At this rate, in seventeen months your ERE is paid for plus your whole family, friends, pets can use or rent it. 
If you travel more than a couple hundred miles you are at risk for bringing home new parasites; especially people in sales professions and military.  American's don’t have a regular de-worming protocol like some 3rd world countries.  But the area where sanitation is poor and protection of food sources is poor with high populations areas, they have high rates of infection.  Parasitic infections are transmitted sexually, by food, water, air, pets, livestock, insects, & by other people.  Even canned, fresh garden grown, raw.  Viruses and parasite worm eggs do survive city water plant treatments!  (Those treatments only get some of the bacteria). You host them: incubate/hatch them in you when you drink the water.  So we use the Advanced ERE.  Water bought in plastic containers can contain lead.  Softer the plastic container the more chance for lead to leach from the container into your beverage.  Especially if the beverages have been transported in hot weather or hot delivery trucks, or sitting on a hot dock somewhere.  Hence, the effects of Gulf War Syndrome:  Aluminum, and aspartame poisoning from hot sodas.  Plus biological containments & warfare.  The Advanced ERE will help you too.  Water should be from a reverse osmosis method with a activated carbon charcoal system.  Almost as good as distilled.  But distilled water will take the mineral from your bones and body to stabilize itself.  SO you must have in place a high quality colloidal mineral supplementation program for all members of family and pets to prevent mineral deficiency if you are going to drink distilled water..
Lead and chemical warfare ingredients can be chelated out of the body with detoxing homeopathic drops & fats.  Using the FIR Hot House, E Power, and ERE will aid in the detoxification of your body and add oxygen and Nitric oxide to your system.  Both healer and cleaners.
Some facts:  Average American has 123 different parasites in them, usually no less than 3.  Fifty million cases of food-borne illnesses each year in USA. 9,000 people die as a result.  It is not required to report food-related illness, so the number is much higher.  Some parasites lay thousands of eggs each day.  Some have a life span of 10-30 years.  They grow fat and healthy and you grow dull and starve of malnutrition.  Most parasites can-not be seen with the naked eye.  It may require 12 lab tests to find your parasite.  The wrong medicine dosage or medicine can cause the parasite to move from one organ or area to another to protect itself.  Over half the people within 5 years of foreign travel show signs of parasite infection.  Diarrhea caused by intestinal parasites is the third leading cause of illness.  Despite random free worming clinics & improved sanitation there were still many parasite infections.  Whipworm(roundworm) in the children of this community increased to 75% on the West Coast.  On the East coast, 65% of infected children had round worm(whipworm) and 39% had more than one type of parasite.  Not including ameba’s, and protozoa (shit to death).   A diet low in live ingredients, enzymes & amino acids contribute to the ability of parasites to over-come you.  Raw foods are great but must be wash with a food grade peroxide or lemon water wash.
A general rule your local doctor will not be corporative to help you with a regular deworming or will try to play it off with a similar story of there are no parasites in non-tropical areas.  Out of ignorance or the health care profession thinks the problem is so bad there is nothing you can do.  Here is a hole in his story:  1) When our ancestors migrated out of Africa to Asia then to Europe, we walked taking our livestock, pets, families with before deworming all, 2) birds migrate to and from tropical areas all the time.  Eating bugs/meats and drinking tropical waters.  Depositing in our soils, and water systems. 3) We eat produce from tropical areas and third world countries 4) field workers are un-wormed,(Frequently eat pork, frequently spread tapeworms.).  5) use the fields for toilets 6) You eat raw vegetables, eat meats, poultry, fish, drink water, and breathe air, & if married have sex.  You & sex partner usually will have the same parasites.  7) Many people are military or corporate representative in other countries. All which contain parasites!  Besides if you have an infestation heavy enough that you are finding worms in your stools without treatments you are loaded.  This means you need a daily wormer for 30 days to catch all hatchings.  Conventional de-worming by poisons or drugs may be debilitation to the patient.  Very hard on your organs.  Parasites give off toxic waste products in their life cycle.   These wastes poison you, making you sick.
When used daily with our FIR Hot House and E Power Belt the whole family has a reduction of colds and flu in length & severity of infection and not as many suffered during cold and flu season.  This also has not been evaluated by the FDA.
I find that with my family; using the ERE daily along with annual herbal deworming/cleansing we can handle this problem at home very effectively.  If we were given the option of having only one machine in our home or health clinic; we would choose keeping the Advanced ERE.  This is my testimony so I can say these things.  Joni Lund

See >       http://www.jonilund.com/HEALTHandWellBeingMACHINES.html

No program will get them all.  Because of the nature of parasite life cycles, and re-infection from your environment.  But you can have the upper hand with effective management, and have your health.  You may be able to prevent expensive surgery and hospitalization, premature aging, and premature death.  Certainly improve the quality of our life.
Symptoms of parasitic infection or food allergies can be as follows:  chronic digestive problems, gas constipation, skin rashes, pains in stomach area, fatigue, and other “vague” symptoms that you just have to live with.  Parasitic infections can contribute to the following diseases:  Crohn’s ulcerative colitis, arthritis, rheumatoid symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome, and AIDS.  Diarrhea & irritable bowel syndrome, it could look like environmental allergies that develop for no reason.  50% of people with irritable bowel syndrome have intestinal parasites.  Percentage of infection is higher with people with chronic fatigue syndrome.  If a mother was raised around animals, especially dogs.  Her babies can be born with tapeworms, & others.  Dogs in house equal frequently sick children.  Asthma type problems, & digestive.  Anyone with chronic gastrointestinal complaints such as bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain, excessive gas, chronic constipation, multiple allergies especially to foods, and unexplained fatigue, should be screened for intestinal parasites.  According to the AMA, physician only diagnose parasite as the problem 16% of the time; that is 1 out of 6 people.  A laboratory only catches it 20% of the time.  Other clues:  Foul smelling bowels in afternoon & evening, bowel habits change from diarrhea to constipation frequently, presence of abdominal cramps, rumblings, and gurgling in stomach at times different than hunger or eating, pains in chest, heart burn which weren’t there before, sore or swollen breasts not associated with menstrual cycle, flu like symptoms, itching anus, especially at night, losing weight yet ravenous appetite, or severe weight gain yet unhealthy, joint muscle pain and weakness, coughing, wheezing, full stomach, headaches, grinding teeth at night, face touching, itchy moist areas, restless sleep, low back pain, rash, vomiting.  Sluggish bowels = build-up of parasites and toxins.  Should have one bowel movement per regular meal, no less than two daily!  I used to have 5-7 movements a day until I became very sick, and since then 1-2 or more if my holistic regiment it kept up.
Any naturopathic doctor next recommending a colon cleaning, followed by a parasitic program isn’t worth their salt, then you follow up with the recommended healing regiment. 
Any traditional doctor testing for all he knows, and then testing for parasites in stools, clear fluids, and blood isn’t worth his salt.
Below is graphic videos of worm infestations emphasizing my point.
On one of the video a woman is in surgery and they are removing from her intestine whipworms(round worms) a very common infection, highly contagious from livestock, cats, dogs and other people.  NOTE This video can be considered gross and some are extremely graphic. 
But if you need proof, please view as you are able. 
This is the silent epidemic in America!
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to use ERE.}

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Anti-parasite removal use, has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Information contained here in is not medical advice it is strictly for information purposes only.