See for yourself.
Seeking the Truth about something.  Study it to find out if it is fact or fiction.  Cross reference it with as many accounts of the situation as possible from newspapers, books, written articles, testimonies, other documents, etc.  Then meditate on the facts.
Confirm the facts, then decide for yourself wither or not you believe.
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Faith - sword swalling  Images of Jesus/heaven by a girl whom dreams about Heaven.  Mother was a atheist.
Akiane Kramarik article
Akiane Kramarik child prodigy from age 4yrs old. Paints trips to Heaven, and visions from God.                      ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!VIDEO CLIP on her site upper left corner from CNN"To hear God (Jesus) you must have FAITH" Akiane
Heaven Is For Real accounts of a small child over the course of a few years about his experience in Heaven                           with Jesus. By Todd BurpoJesus picture same as one Akiane says Jesus looks like.
<-- GOD in Heaven, Father Almighty's, the Creator's true name, in Hebrew
meaning Creator.Explains how and why..
<-- Jesus Christ's, the Messiah's true name,  in Hebrew meaning
Son.Explains how and why.


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valentine day Love Message, open, give, forgive
Remember You Are Love - Yourself