Heart attacks are from : Ask Joni Lund
 “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new

 landscapes but in having new eyes.”  
   –Marcel Proust

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FREE Stuff and Resource materials through out this site.
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It has come to my attention that many of you only see some of the middle of our website pages.

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It has come to my attention that many of you only see some of the middle of our website pages.


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"All the plans of a man are clean in his own sight, but the Lord weighs the motives.
Commit your works to the Lord, and he will establish you."

--Proverbs 16:2-3
We reserve the full right to refuse sales or services to people with accounts/payments in default.  

No services or sales to the disorderly.  Possibly others at our discretion.

~ Holistic Alternative Health Solutions:  You & Your animals.

~ Motivational Speaker, Artist, Merchandise Sales. 

~ Paradise Ranch: Grounds, Breeding & Sales of Paso Fino Horses/Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post & Healing 
 1295 1st St S
  Carrington, ND  58421-1905

  Texts: (701) 320-6200 appointments & emergencies. 

Prefer all innital contact by postal service mail.

  No non-paying solicitor calls accepted.

Mobile website address:  m.jonilund.com

~ Holistic Alternative Health Solutions:  You & Your animals.

~ Motivational Speaker, Artist, Merchandise Sales. 

~ Paradise Ranch: Grounds, Breeding & Sales of Paso Fino Horses/Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post & Healing
 1295 1st St S
  Carrington, ND  58421-1905

 Phone:  (701) 652-1986 office  5PM - 9 PM Central; call late.
Text for quicker service :  (701) 320-6200 not after 9:30PM
 Prefer all contact by postal service mail.

  No non-paying solicitor calls accepted.

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Welcome to the official site of the
 Joni Lund - Trading Post.  Future location Paradise Ranch. 
contact site for the original  " Horse Listener ", entrepreneur, & Life Coach: Joni Lund.

We have "Joni Lund - Trading Post" providing:
~ Local Safe Shelter; orginial coordinator, and founder,
~ holistic/homeopathic services in the form of my "Natural Healing Clinic"
- Complimentary alternative medicines, solution center for its private members, their
pets, & livestock.  
- We endeavor, coaching you to heal your body, mind & spirit.  
- Frequent benefit for our members is pain reduction and better quality of life. 
(A licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the future) with full training in
 pressure puncture, acupuncture, reflexology, massage, Reike, Chakra, Herbalolgy,
 testing: muscle, finger nail/tongue, massage reflexology, & Iridology.  
- On staff: People with perceptive insight, initiative, empathic training.
- Our equipment aides healing via light-electromagnetic wave, electric wave, sound
  wave, & metabolic spectrums.
     - Current Blood Glucose, pH, Blood typing,  Bio-reading assessment.

~Joni Lund – Trading Post is an innovative leader in North Dakota’s health industry.
Since 2011 they have operated as a value-driven company dedicated to coaching/nourishing
people and caring for the planet.   
Joni Lund – Trading Post is building a business characterized by high standards in all
aspects of their company, from the organic farms that grow their foods, through the
production, packaging, and transportation of their products, to the Joni’s  associates who
communicate with their retailers and the people who enjoy their products.

~Our mission is to spare the world of suffering, premature death; adding joy and
quality of life. One mind, one person, one society at a time, by teaching and supplying
the necessary tools. 

~Ministery work: people in need of redirection/help in their path through life.  Plan to host
inner city children, and short term housing for the abused.  Bring hope to all, to native
Americans in their homes.  (Looking for sponsorship by a church organization.)  
Hopefully Baptists_ I agree with their announcements concerning living together with out
marriage and their public stand not supporting homosexual activites.

~Leather shop/Trade shop providing  artesian goods, and Paradise Ranch - ah ha place.
~A full-service equine breeding facility, specializing in breeding, & sales of quality:

Equine Stock of all ages,:  Inquiries please write a letter by USA mail.
Paso Finos, ~Corto/Largo Horses, 
(Not the common:  hot, delicate boned, small steppers often seen on the East and West coasts today.)  
We specialize in the "OLD STYLE" road gaited PASO FINO.  
Sport and athletic performance horses with good minds, movement, & speed.  
With performance leg movements & long strides.  Cuban, Columbian, Puerto Rican bloodlines.
We consider a stud going under 15mph, & a mare going under 13mph correctly; poor quality by our standards.  
The goal is  21mph in 100% correct Paso Largo or single foot.  (Mares 15-18mph, studs 18-21mph.)
~ Available stock:  PFHA & APLHA horses: Corto to Largo, & LARGO.
~ Donkey Stallion 14.2hh & ~Mules.
~ Other breeds by consignment and occasional special projects for resale.
~ Wide range of color, many of the rarer shades.
~ Zero interest, purchase financing. 

Semen Collection & Shipping Service for the Public.  Competitive prices.

Breeding Services:
~Artificial Insemination: Cooled & Frozen, Hand or Pasture Breeding, Stallion Variety,

Customer Service: ~Training, resource materials, advice & tips, written purchase guarantee.

Registration Services:  Association de Caballo Moteado   ( Speckled Horse Assoc. ) 
~Preserving "Old World" Spanish type stock with the LP gene.  Under construction.

This website is heavy with information, photos, and video.  It may take 2 minutes for some pages to fully load and longer on slower computers. Especially video pages.  Thank you for your patience! 
Please let us know where you have any trouble, so we can fix it.

Like the trading posts found in the mountains and the frontier West of the 1800's, we offer a
variety of goods and services.  

Our trading post's first focus is providing good health for humanity, pets, & show stock by providing access to holistic/homeopathic products and health equipment.  

Our second focus is saving "old distinguished equine blood lines" and providing quality performance road gaited Paso Fino horses.  We love our Largo Horses!  

Our third focus is traveling, lecturing on health, healing, and motivational thinking.

Our fourth focus is providing custom leather craft/goods and supplies including art, sculpture, tack, bits, saddles, harness, and craft supplies.  Our work includes pet collars, belts, checkbooks, plus.  We are only limited by your wallet.
Styles: Contemporary-modern, traditional western, and biker, big city type.  
I am finishing up past orders, and selling items on hand which need only slight alterations to customize.  Otherwise only doing occasional full custom work at this time. 01-29-2020.  Not taking on order unless you are a personal friend.

We carry a wide range of products from other venders too.  
We are only limited by the time it takes to list every thing on this website.  Most is not listed.

We are forever growing and expanding to cover your needs.
 Suggestions and requests are welcome. 

TRADING POST:  Retail of Stuff/All Services:Shopping   Link  Here
New divisions can be added as needed.
Free stuff available through out this website.

Under construction, if you like something with out a price or information, call around
 9 PM & I'll get the information to you.  

Shipping charges have been revised/reduced.

~A motivational speaker.
~ Articles:  Health, Natural Holistic Healing, Horse Training, 
~Advertising Space for others.  We also provide links to other websites upon request.
     More people of similar interests networking together,  exposures  all involved to more customers.
~Art, Frames, Home Decorations, Furniture
~Completed Leatherwork, including belts, holster/gun belts, checkbooks covers, sculpture,
cat & dog collars.  Custom leather work on a part-time bases.  
~Fancy Clothes:  Show, Parade, Silk Screen & Embroidery
~ Health Articles
~ Holistic Supplements
~Horse, Ranch/Ag Equipment/Etc.
~Jewelry & Gifts/Figurines
~Leather Craft kits, Raw materials
~Tack, Saddles, Harness, Bits, Dog Collars, & Grooming supplies
    -Gaited horse stuff too.  Replacement hardware for above.
~Real Estate
~Safe Shelter Coordinator
~Speciality Foods, Snacks, Drinks, Sauces
~Transportation, all vehicles sales, other modes of transportation too.
~Vacation/Travel/Hunting Needs - Service providers, points of interest in ND towns and
towns with listings with us.  FREE travel and tourist information.

Please explore this site to learn more.
Open    search tabs at the top or bottom of this page or link on underlined words.

Write:   Joni Lund, Manager
                  1295 1St St S
            Carrington, ND 58421-1905

     Telemarketers - you will loose by business if you call.  NO telemarketer calls accepted. 
M - S: After 5:00 PM Central to before 9PM Central. (701) 320-6200 cell  Text 1st, I'll re-call when I can.
  (We can not accommodate walk-ins at this time)      
Thurs or Sun:  After 9:00 AM  to    9 PM Central   (701) 652-1986 message.

(Usually all evenings or Thursday/Sunday 24/7)

 Prefer written correspondence by USA mail in all things!

This site is updated once every six months. 
Please check back with us again & see what is new.
Re-saving/adding this site to your favorites will replace the pervious copy; giving you a clearer, cleaner updated copy.  So please add us to your favorites again. 

We as of 01-01-2020 All new payment systems & shipping.

I have current horse video contact me give address to get a copy on CD , dated Sept 5, 2013.

Text messages: (701) 320-6200

Bulletin:  Three new notes:

1.  I am looking for Sponsors & Donators for our nonprofit business : 

Money, land, vechiles, homes, businesses, and other property donations;

Service donations or advertising; sponsors to pay monthly utilities.  

Forage: (hay, grain, treats, pasture use donation, & vetineary services) for the theraphy
& rescue horses

Product demo & use in exchange for My promotion of the products while on the road,
in my websites, and on my correspondence to customers.  
We will be acknowledged you if you wish on site, in publications, and on our website(s).

 You will also be acknowledged at any endurance races, parades, or trail rides we attend. 
And listed as sponsors on our website with a short ad promoting your products or

I plan to operate local horse shelters across North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, and South
Dakota and would appreciate our organization "Joni Lund - Trading Post & Healing" being
left in the wills of citizens & businesses for Ranches, homes, land, vehicles, money, and other
As our goal is to have our horse shelters & services across local small communities 
throughout North Dakota, Montana, Minnesota, and South Dakota.

Alone we can do little; collectively we can accomplish great things.  
Your help is greatly appreciated.

PayPal or electronic donations or paymens.

Mail us your order, we'll confirm if there is a problem.  

3.Video is available. Must mail out copy.

4.  The use of Email will not be a part of our business.  We only send out-going emails.
Accepting incoming emails is why our old computer DIED, our Pay Pal, & ebay accounts
where messed with. Taking us since 2008 to remedy the problems. 
We DO Not open emails sent to us.

5.   ORDER BY:
Please mail orders to us by US Postal Service. 
We'll check & review order, if the order is figured wrong we will contact you to confirm
what you want to do.  Then Fill or Cancel order.  
You can print order form out  > Shipping fees may be different.

When you have us order in products "not in stock" you are liable for these products, stock of
stock fee & shipping whether you decide you like/want the products or not at a later time. 
No exceptions.
When we get stiffed all prices go up for everyone, and we send your unpaid account to
collection.  This hurts your ability to buy on credit, it increases your insurance rates on home, car, &
life insurance, harmes your credit rating.  Hurts our other customers as well.

Or ORDER by PHONE.  Call 9 PM ish Central time.
Please note we are hard to catch, keep trying or write. 
(Writing is still the most affordable way to communicate, $.55 & time.  To save money emailing vs mailing, you will have to send over 137
emails or more each month based on $68. a month plan.  This does not count the cost of cell phone, IPod, or computer equipment.  Figuring re to approximately .65centsmore
through the USA postal service.  Plus you keep 800,000 people from trying to get your job if there was no postal service).

6.  PAYMENTS - Very Good New System 01-01-2020.
Horses:  Payment by USA  Postal Service Money Order, Cash, {Debit Card or Pay Pal-(possible extra fees involved)}
Vehicles: Payment by USA Postal Service Money Order, Debit Card or Cash.
Saddles: Payment by USA Postal Service Money Orders, Cash, {Debit Card, or Pay Pal from your bank account.}
Other Donations to or merchandise sold by Joni Lund: (listed in the order of payment preference)

US Postal money order - protects seller & buyer.
Cash - is unsecure.

Debit Card, address must match name of buyer.  (15% service fee for American Express users).
Pay Pal - 4 days to clear transaction, then ship, to verified customers only.
PAY PAL: account to send your payment to jonisstallionservice@yahoo.com
We only take payment from VERIFIED customers. So set up your Pay Pal account "now",
as it can take 1 month for you to get verified.

Credit Card - Vista, Master card, Discover.
Credit Card payments the buyers name must match address given.  (15% service fee for American Express users).

Payments, Purchases, & Grievances between you & other venders listed on our site: 
is solely between you and them!  They are only advertising on my site.

7.  “The Power of Attitude…our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we
react to what happens; not by what life brings us, but by the attitude we bring to life.  
A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events & outcomes. 

May you all enjoy the power of your own attitude.  
Remember that only we control our attitudes.
And, only we control our actions.

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Click for Carrington, ND Forecast
This site was last updated: August 3, 2022
When we decided on this venture.  A decision was made to buy only the very best stock and bloodlines.

You are buying horses highly sought after since ancient times.  You are buying 30 yrs of proven bloodlines on top of my lifetimes work of solidifying & improving those traits which made these bloodlines famous. You are buying horses from a relatively small genetic pool world wide.
Not the "run of the mill"  or slaughter horses.  We are breeding to give Quarter horses & Arabians
a run for their money, while maintaining Paso Largo movement.  And/or single footing ability.
We are committed to the following investment annually: I spent up to $13,000. per foal for my breeding stock, + training,  + $1,000. each boarding, + labor of a whole family,  +$2,000. annually advertising; plus horse show and travel fees ANNUALLY.  

So don't whine when I state my prices for an animal. 
You'll just piss off the seller. 

 Serious inquiries only.
   You are responsible for each set needed of :  Coggins, health certificate,  brand inspection, brand releases; & shipping expenses.  Halter & lead rope needed.

Heart attacks are from

by Joni Lund on 01/14/15

Heart attacks are from oxygen deficency if you were born with a structurally sound heart in the first place.

SO WHY, do people continue to consume canola?

canola is the plant rape seed.  Rape seed was not allowed in the products to be consumed by farm animals or humans until about 50 years ago, because it has an acid which breaks down the heart muscle tissue in the being which consumed it.  Rape seed (canola) was used ONLY as axile grease.  This explains the high increase of heart attacks.

When it eat a toxic substance, especially a bad oil, it costs your body extra oxygen to remove the free radical from your body.

Also, How does your body deal with free radicals?

The ones which are not immediately removed are bound up in fat and stored in a cell.  The body uses the making of fat to protect itself from poisons, virsus, bacteria, etc.

In order to handle free radicals you must have a full supply of great nutritants in your system: enzymes, antioxidants, amino acides, minerals, and vitamins.

Once you get to a certain level of full fat cells, the fat cells will automaticly generate estrogens.  Estrogens make us fat.  Make beef cattle fat & poultry fat.  Then we eat the poultry or cattle and we gain more.

Pasture raised beef, swine, poultry are the healthy option.

Otherwise now days beef, wild caught unbreaded fish, organic eggs,  are the healthest store bought proteins.

We are seeing a higher and higher incidence of citizens eating more fast foods, fried foods, desserts.  TO make a profit businesses use the cheaper oils, canola, cotton, corn.  All bad for you.)

Forget the peanut butter, see a previous blog!

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Blog & other below:
 When God changes the direction of your life, that change is the Turning Point to an extra ordinary new beginning.”
–Joni Lund
Holistic Homopathic Health care products and equipment.  Adams Prostate Care, Happy PMS,  Lugol's potassium iodide, iodine  Distributor of SOQI beds Hot House Chi machine E-Power ERE other health care products,  Including books.  Naturopathic  doctor. Detox body machines, rentals.  Holistic herbs, green products.
Northern Plains Health Institute, a health renewal & healing center for its private members pets and show livestock.  Natural and holistic health care approaches.  Frequent benefit: pain reduction & improved quality of life.  Health healing library, detox for you, your pets, show stock, or others, veterans: numerous studies show that veterans come home full of chemicals, biological toxins & parasites.  Effects may not show up for 1-20 years.  These spread to family members and to our communities.  Recent example of this is THE Gulf War Syndrome.  All those autoimmune diseases since, including fibromyalgia.  So don't delay clean out your body now.  Protect your health and that of your family and community.  Get renewed today.  Effective Lyme Disease protocol, Efficient Aides, and cancer patient  supportives.  Herbs and minerals.  Also other major virus, bacteria, parasite infection program.   After twelve years of steadily declining health while under he care of tradional practioner. I had a pifney.  What would happen if I don't follow the Doc advice?  Answer I thrived.  The approaches for treating me were slowly and quietly starving me to death.  As I studied & tried new things. I began to pick up on subtle signs that indicated much larger - and usually surprising - diagnoses.  But the more I studied, the more I discovered that even the most serious conditions could be cured with safe, simple solutions - natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs.  Early on, it became obvious that patent medications do more harm then good especially when used for more then a very short period.  More often than not  they only address the symptoms of a disease and do nothing to seek out or correct the underlying cause of your suffering.  Of course, this way of thinking has made me the enemy of local medicine.  Regardless of the attempts to squelch my business and my resolve - I continue to allow the public the access to : the  best treatments there are:  those found in nature.  In addition I have the best detox rebalancing equipment on the market.  I rent them out or sell them.  Many medicines come and go, but the human body and nature remain the same, no matter what decade or century, they work a certain way. And not interfering with the natural way of things produces gentle effective results.

Our office fee isn't per visit as with conventional clinics, it is one fee $155.00 a year, due on lst consultation annually.
Equipment rental are as listed, tests are as listed, products are as listed.  Use of Grounds fees to follow in the future, as listed.
About Us
Our Services

God can't give you the new if you are busy holding on to the old with both hands.
  We feel GUILT when we hold ourselves up to a

    GIVE YOUSELF permission to fail!

 How you start a conversation, is how it will end.

Discharge/get rid of emotions first,then talk. 

Ask why a person is doing what they are doing
(701) 320-6200