I Have Something Better in Mind!

Have the heart to follow where God is Guiding you.

It will come quickly and be irrational.  Act quickly so you don't miss the boat of Great Great Blessings.
You'll still get to your destination the other way, but you'll miss out ... on a richer more filling experience.

1. Motivational Speaking from Life Experiences/Give direction.

2. Motivational Speaking with Nutrition/Healing Theme.

3.  Motivational Speaking with an Healing/Evangelic Touch.

$250. each lecture period; typically 30-60 minutes.

$125. 00 a 0-12 hour day or night for lodging

$125.00 for meals  0-12 hour day or night

Travel Expenses: Car: $2.29 per mile.
   Plane, Train, Boat Fare:- Call.

Lecture with my supportive equipment extra, add:

$   N/Asound system; portable podium $50.00 each
$   N/AStage props; sign on easel $50.00 each

Our mission is to spare the world of suffering, premature death; adding
joy and quality of life one mind, one person, one society, at a time by
teaching and suppling  the necessary tools.
Illustrated Seasons in Life