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Palm Analysis and Handwriting Analysis:                 

The validity of our palm reading verses fortune telling via phone or at madam "La Roue X"'s.
by Joni Lund on 08/28/15

Real palm reading shows what your basic life style, emotional state, general health has been through your whole life up until the point of reading.  It shows your personaliy tendencies.  Habits.  Your brain development shows in the digits.  Hence psychological motivations, tendencys too.

As your values, and choices improve it will change the patternes in your hands.  Verses saying what your final out come in life will be. 

This is a very helpful diagnostic tool when looking for a type of person whom did a particular crime for example.  Or to stop and evaluate your life.  Maybe assess it, and take a different course in life.  It is a very good tool to understand when meeting people, or when dating for your protection.  Bring your date.

What can be assessed:  type of work your best suited to by skin, and thumb, what your suspitable to toxin wise, who is the most sensitive and the most insensitive.

The thumb is an indicator of will power and self-control.

Short fingered people less abstract and more hosilitic in knowledge.  Little eye for detail.  Stiff fingered people are more ridgid in their thinking. 

Long index - lots of self reflection.    Want control, respect, & personal input.  Short one - lower congnative scores.  Short middle finger lends to rebellious tendencies.  Long middle extremely conventional.  Long third finger willing to take risks,  higher testorone levels,  so a mate is important, avoids responsibility.

Relaxed or ridigity of hand and skin speaks of sensitivity levels.

People with short little finger are suspious of  sacrasm, tend to handle money poorly.  Bent to side equals ability to manipulate language and charm.

Radial loops show hyper-receptive to others.   Lots of whorls - individualistic, higly focused.   Highly talented.  Simple arches - stuborness with skilled hands, seek stability.  Tented arches - show a person high in excitable and intense, they tend to teach, enterain, or motivate others.

This is not evil. 

Now stating how a person's life will become in the future is a sin.  It is predicing the future.  The Bible specificly states not to do that. 

Because with God, anything is possible, healing, and all things when you are in him and he is in you. With God it is all about life, second chances, your betterment when in a relationship honoring him first.

Palmistry is a good dianostic tool.  A study of psychology and skin patterns.
What you see on TV, in strip malls, at card readings, is wrong.

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