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Theresa YardlySales & Arrangements are strickly between you and the seller.

Phone: (580) 461-2125

Custom Custom Headstalls/Reins
- Arabian style

Red Carpet Type Jewelry: I use losts of crystals, & rhinestones. I varily use glass beads
-in stock at this time
*chain necklaces with beaded adornments

Necklace  $15.00
Bracelet   $7.50
Earrings   $7.50
Shipping    ?

$30.00 + shipping or as a set for $25.00 plus shipping

Are You a Natural Entrepreneur?

by Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady 

You may publish this quiz free of charge in your ezine, 
web site, ebook or print publication so long as the 
copyright notice and the resource paragraph (at the end of 
the quiz) are included. Please email me to let
me know where the quiz will be placed. 

To see if you have the right stuff to fly solo in your own business, take this short quiz. Answer each question honestly with a number between 1 and 5.

1 = Never
2 = Rarely
3 = Sometimes
4 = Usually
5 = Always

1.    I'm a self-starter.
2.    I'm organized.
3.    I'm creative.
4.    I'm competitive.
5.    I have adequate resources.
6.    I finish the projects I start.
7.    I'm excited about meeting new challenges.
8.    My spouse, friends, and family are supportive.
9.    I'm willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term rewards.
10.    I create rapport with people.
11.    I'm comfortable with selling myself.
12.    I'm comfortable asking for help.
13.    I'm able to take rejection.
14.    I'm able to learn from my mistakes.
15.    I listen to my intuition.

Now add up your points and determine your entrepreneurial profile:

Less than 35: Lady in Waiting. Fear may be holding you back from starting a business or taking your business to the next level. You need to stop thinking small and expand your horizons. You may have negative people in your life who have chipped away at your self worth. The good news is that with the right information, a great supporting cast, and a shot of self confidence, you will take the entrepreneurial leap and succeed!

35 to 50: Daring Dame. You have wonderful ideas, energy, and motivation. You have received shining praise from others. You have a natural rapport with people and a sincere desire to help others. Success is yours if you are aware of distractions on your journey towards your goals and dreams. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

More than 50: Entrepreneurial Empress. You are a freedom fighter with amazing leadership skills. You may not be the one who was voted "Most likely to succeed," but your inner strength and resiliency will surprise everyone--even you. A maverick like you breaks down the roadblocks in your way and leaves the losers in the dust. You dream big and your world has no boundaries. Taking risks and meeting challenges are like adrenaline to you. You go, girl!

Thanks so much for taking the quiz. We'll keep you updated with articles and tips to skyrocket your success from Wealthy Bag Lady. 

Your success begins here...

Best of luck on your incredible journey!

Linda Hollander

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Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady,
is the author of Bags to Riches
and the founder of the
Women's Small Business Expo

To get the book, click here:

   For information on the Women's Small Business Expo, click here:


Wealthy Bag Lady

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Gaited and non-gaited horse saddles and accessories.
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Personal commentary by Dan about his shows

Media & Mainstream Bookings

G. Hill Management - 615.258.4141 x234 or

Faith-based Bookings
Reach Your City - 615.258.4646 ext 306 or

World famous sword swallower, Guinness book of world records holder, ig Nobel prize holder, musician, inspirational & corporate speaker, Christian youth group evangelist.

Link to Joni Lund's Online Card/Post Card Store

Joni LundAvailable:  Business Distributorship - Approx. $295.00 plus tax/shipping. 
1295 1st ST SContact us to join. 
Carrington, ND 58421OR  Purchase Custom Cards, Card Boxes, & gift packets 
 with online convience.

Phone (701) 652-1986   Products come shipped right to your door 
    or personalized to the recipients door.
Phone orders or questions 9 PM  
Cards may be preset to arrive at a pre determined date or occassion.
You can write personalized messages.  Do a advertising mailing. 
Cards may even have postage pre- affixed.  
Card assortments are updated and new styles are available on a 
regular bases.
Payments taken on line, no extra fees to do so.

Link to Joni Lund's Second Online Retail Store

Joni LundAvailable:  Business Distributorship - Approx. $166.00 ;Contact us to join. OR
1295 1st ST SPurchase Environmental Friendly Soaps & other Products online.
Carrington, ND 58421

Phone (701) 652-1986 orders    Shipping is included in price of products, Products come shipped
order questions, call 9 PM right to your door.  On line Shopping Cart, payments taken on line,
    no extra fees, or forms to buy any of these products.

Home & Laundry Cleaners:  
Air purifiers, water cleaning systems, Cookware, Hair & body care products, Dental Care products, Shaving products, Body Wash & Butters, Lip & Nail Care, Top Perfumes/Cologne, Baby products, Baby foods/formula, Hygiene products, Skin accessories, Vitamins, Pain Relievers, Wound Care, Cold/Flu - Repellents; bug repellents/spray, disinfectent  products; Fragrance Free Oder eliminators,; Home & Kitchen Cleaning Products;  Car Care: fuel cleaner, car wash, polish/glaze, windshield wash, Oil: 10W-30 & 5w-30. Tissue, Toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, wipes, towelettes, Quality PET FOOD plus litter, shampoos, pet pads, & vitamins.  Batteries, solar flash lites, eco bulbs , trash bags, food containers, food wrap, food bags, Snack Food & Beverages, some health low additive snacks too, Marathon energizer snacks, Nut & Fruit Mixes; Italian ices, lemon animal cookies, multi grain crackers, beef jerky, theater popcorn, fruit cups, squeezable fruit, applesauce, trail mix bars, veggie chips, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Planters nut packs, Ritz its packs, fiber one, Quaker chewy & bars, cookie packs, , fruit chew snacks, corn nuts, chex mix, gold fish packs,Tasty Entrees, Pasta & pasta sauces, cooking oils, peanut butter, fruit spread, honey, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, Canned: chicken & tuna; Mac n cheese; organic brown rice bowel, rice noodle meals, Annie Chuns noodle bowls, Progresso chicken soups; Kraft mac & cheese cups, Molinaro's deep dish pizza kits, Libby's Organic green beans & corn, Organic diced tomatoes; TOP BRAND NAME CEREALS at GREAT PRICES; breakfast tarts; multi grain & granola cereals, FLAX CEREAL; *milled FLAX SEED just sprinkle on foods*; Organic soy milk, Organic Rice milk, reduced 2% milk, milk boxes, juice boxes; fruit drinks, Natural fruit juice soda; COCNUT WATER; fruit juice nectar ; sunny D; Arizona Green Tea stix packs; Natural fruit sticks; Arnold palmer Tea/lemonade  stix; canned espresso; bottled teas; KHAVE coffee Brewer & coffees; NINE to FIVE coffees; Grand Plaza Coffee; Instant Coco & sweeteners; ZSENSO Teas;

Optimal HEALTH: For men/women/kids -  Vitamin/mineral supplements; Antioxidant juices;protein powder; Health flavor to water; Get Customized vitamin AM & PM packets; Protein Bars; Snack Bars;Meal replacement shakes; meal bars; Stop watch; resistance training tubing; stability balls; energy cubes; energy bars; boost of energy tablets - rhodiola 110; hydration drinks; isotonic drink mix; whey protein bars; lean body mass drinks & powders; repair and renew drinks; flexibility pills; perfect flavored empowered water; XS Energy drinks: herbs-vitamins- amino acids & folic acids, not sugar 2 are caffeine free; Energy Gum; XS energy shots;  water purifier & water treatment systems; Cookware set; air treatment system.

Personal Accents Section:  Jewelry: for her, Cynthia Gale Collections, Trends for Her; Accessories for Her - bags, clutches, sunglasses; Accessories for Him: watches, c.links, sunglasses, pendants, rings, bracelets,  Signature Fragrances for All 

Fantastic Make Up and Skin Care Line/System: For Him & Her.

Ribbon Gift Collections: $30.00 to $1,000.00 In English & Spanish
Plus these additional categories: Arrival(baby), Delicious(Gourmet foods/cookware, Eco-Logical,  Guy Gear, I Do!, Kaleidoscope(games, arts, crafts kids 4-12)  Omaha Steaks, Pamper(women spa like gifts) Personal Accents jewelry for her).  
Receiver of gift card chooses product they want from a quality line offered in the price category online you bought for them.  Gift arrives in approximately 5 days.  Few days window where they can exchange their gift for another one if they didn't like their choice. 

Joni Lund's Online Card/Post Card Store
sword pull car Ripleys
13 sword 1 minute
America's Got talent 2
Do Impossible Think Inside Body
America's Got talent 1
Dan & Elvira
America's Got talent 2
Upper Europe
sword sandwich
Self inflicted injury

~ Health Renewal Center:  You & Your animals.

~ Motivational Speaker, Artist, Merchandise Sales. 

~ Paradise Ranch: Grounds, Breeding & Sales of Paso Fino Horses/Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post 
 1295 1st St S
  Carrington, ND  58421-1905
 Phone: (701) 652-1986 office  9 AM - 9 PM Central; call late.  
for more immediate service, leave message.  Prefer all contact by postal service mail.

  No non-paying solicitor calls accepted.

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~ Health Renewal Center:  You & Your animals.

~ Motivational Speaker, Artist, Merchandise Sales. 

~ Paradise Ranch: Grounds, Breeding & Sales of Paso Fino Horses/Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post 
 1295 1st St S
  Carrington, ND  58421-1905
 Phone: (701) 652-1986 office  9 AM - 9 PM Central; call late.  
for more immediate service, leave message.  Prefer all contact by postal service mail.

  No non-paying solicitor calls accepted.

~ Trading Post  Finding Service ~  
We will search the web/papers/magazines for what your looking for.  
Animals, Tack, Equipment, Transportation etc.  Call for rates or print out the following
contract, fill in the requested information, and mail to us with payment enclosed.

Orders will be searched in order received.
Self inflicted injury
Feeding America