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~ Paso Fino Geldings ~

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Joni Lund - Trading Post
1295 1st St S
Carrington, ND  58421

Phone 701- 652-1986Your best bet to reach us; is to Call verses emailing.

    American Paint     Donkey
     Paso Fino Mule


All Breeding fees are to be paid prior to breeding.  Start early with learning your mare's cycle so you'll be ready when she ovlates.  Give us a heads up as to which month you want to breed in so wecan be available when your call comes in for semen shipping.

LFG = Live Foal Guarantee
OBO = Or Best Offer
Green Broke:  A horse who's training is not to pro reining or in high school manuvers yet.

Farm Sales Guarantee:
If Buyer is not happy with the horse buyer has purchased from us; return horse for a farm credit of purchase price paid,
provided the horse is SOUND of BODY & not taught to pace gait. 


To make a showy horse: We switch from the regular feed source of prairie hay to straight alfalfa.
As we did with "Black Jack" to prove, these horses do pretty up and can be shown. 
See video, BLACK JACK  link here.

Accepted Payment for equines:  Cattle, modern Haying equipment, Working Horse drawn equipment, trailers, tractors,
   vehicles- all require a bill of sale, brand release, title, etc;
   CASH - immediate release of equines, tack;
   North Dakota Checks only - Purchase is not released until check clears bank,
takes four weeks.
OR a combination of the above.
When & With a signed purchase contract:  Any open mare can be bred for a in uterine FOAL for you. 
We won't sell the mare, until you receive the foal.  You pick mare & stallion breeding pair.
Foal's gender, color, etc. can be stipulated.

A signed purchase agreement: holds price at a fixed figure, and provides the opportunity
for you to make smaller affordable payments verses a lump sum payment.
Joni's Chief Eagle Feather9   yr old Gelding              Gelded 2013
            For Sale  $6,000.  with papers application
   No papers $4,000.
        Valued at $7,000.+
Born:   May 17, 2006 
14.1 or 14.2  Hands

Color: NO GRAY GENES! Lite Tan to Buttermilk Buckskin, star, snip, L & R R socks.
Branded: Yes

Breed: Paso Fino & American Paso Largo Horse
Registration:  Paso Fino Horse Assoc. #
Sire: Future of Pisadas de Oro PFHA# 44,422, APLHA# 8603, Tiger#CO009
Dam: Esperanza de Irlanda,     PFHA# #21,564

No grey gene.  Selling as a breeding stallion or children yard pony when gelded.  Show quality.
Has been ridden few steps in correl by adult & was lesson horse for children while in pasture, ponied up with lead stallion.  Rode again in 2015 parades and general.  Under saddle.  Long lived bloodline.
Gelded only because I can only handle 4 studs at a time because of stabling.

Well bred, stud! Gentle. Natural Scorpion tail. Resounds the ground when gaiting.  Powerful gaiter.   Beginners gait faster than trot, and have gotten some slower gaiting from him from time to time.  with a little more time in the saddle he'll gait faster too.

Action: front knees parallel to ground, rest of leg curled up smartly, with long stide.
     Double bred Pegasus Estaban, Bandolero Royal, & Marichal.  
   Favorito que tal (Largo champion), Faeton LaCE, Eblis,
    Muneco LaCE, Monona LaCE, on pedigree.
    MANY times: Batalla & Dulce Sueno (44-88 times) as well. 

He ended up bigger, stronger, and faster than Future or Spirit.

email me
At 1 yr & 3/4 yrs.Winter Coat
As Yearling
Manager: Joni Lund (701) 351-9305 text
Spring 1 st Year
Single Footing?
Joni's Astilla de la JoyaYearling  Colt FOR SALE
(Joni's Chip off of the Jewel or Gem)      

Born:  April 14, 2008 
Color:  Buttermilk Buckskin, white sock left rear   Branded: Yes
(Very lite with a irrescent gold tint at the moment.)
13.1 to 14 hh+. HandsBranded: Yes
Breed:  Paso Fino & American Paso Largo Horse
Registered:  pending

Sire:  Future of Pisadas de Oro PFHA# 44,422    APLHA #8603   Tiger # OC009  Our stud.
Dam:  La Joya de HG ,       PFHA #21,564

Favorito que tal, .Pegasus Estaban, Bandolero Royal, Sizcocho LaCE, Muneco LaCE, Monona LaCE,  Batalla, many times Dulce Sueno breeding.  Double Capuchino breeding. 
READY TO LEAVE .  Mane hangs in ropes.
Great little show horse, trail, or 4-H  mount.  Training started.

For Sale $2,500. with reg papers ap; $1.800. without papers. Foals valued $5,000.+

chip - 2009
Sophie Con Presico Paso, mare  is Full sister.

SierraVista    Pisadas - 2009
Classical Bugs Alive   7 year oldGelding
For Sale $ 3,000.

Born:  April 22, 2001  
15-15.1  hands  
Color: Black TobianoBranded: Rafter J Bar
Breed: American Paint , other could be registered as Pinto
Registered: APHA # 160,140 & Registered with ND racing commisson
(Classical Supreme APHA#309,068 X Lady's Christies Doll QH#3,397,347)

Top Bulldog on Deck          3 year old  Gelding 
   For Sale $ 1,300. Firm
Born:  June 1, 2006           Valued at  $3,500.
  15.1 - 16.2  hands        .
Color:  Brown, looks black

Breed: American Paint Branded: yes
Registered: American Paint # 869,994&      with ND racing commission.


~ Geldings ~
Mule    Gelding
For Sale $
Registered:   #

Paso mules are good for
* riding*driving & lite draft harness
* jumping   * packing

Training ~ Breeding ~ Sales:  Horses & Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post
1295 1st St S
Carrington, ND  58421

Phone 701- 652-1986With questions.
1 - 2 month
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Advertising on a mass media is the cheapest & brings the highest prices. 
Reports state, using newspapers, & magazines is the most expensive & the least used form of information seeking of all advertising medias.


1. We are charging half to 2/3rds less of what my competitors are charging.
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4.  For Advertising Services:   $65.00 per Year.  For business, merchants, Crafters, service providers, ranchers, farmers, etc.
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Bugsy in 2006
Joni's Virtuoso Pisadas    Yearling         Gelding       FOR SALE      (Joni's Perfect Footsteps)

Born:  April  10, 2008
13 to 14 hh+. HandsBranded: Yes
Color: Creme Buckskin, almost a palomino shade,  irredescent gold shine like sire.
Speck of a star, black points.  Two white pasterns front legs.  No gray genes.
Breed:  Paso Fino & American Paso Largo Horse
Registered:  pending

Sire:  Future of Pisadas de Oro PFHA# 44,422    APLHA #8603     Tiger # OC009  Our stud.
Dam:  Esperanza de Irlanda
Pegasus Estaban daughter, with Favorito que tal (Largo champion) on pedigree.

Very very nice mover!  Best mover of the 2008 foal crop. 
For Sale $2,500. reg papers ap, $1,500. no papers, not guaranteeing rideable

    For Sale    

  Color: . Brand: 

  July 2009 @ 3 yr
Chief Eagle Feather is Full Brother
Full relation: Dakota Spirit, El Dorado; &
Star Dancer- mare page  
Grow up looking like their 3-9 month baby pictures.
~ Mules ~
  Joni's Dakota Spirit    7yr. Stallion FOR SALE
  VERY SHARP 2008 LARGO Colt!           Foals valued at $7,000+

Born: May 23, 2008
14 Hands 
Color:   Lite Buckskin, sm. speck of white star, solid legs, didn't turn grey.
  Branded: yes

Breed:  Paso Fino & American Paso Largo Horse
Registered PFHA# pending & American Paso Largo Horse # available.
Sire: Future of Pisadas de OroPFHA # 44,422, Tiger Horse #CO009, APLHA# 8603
Dam:   Joni's Westford Dakota,   PFHA #34,190

Double Mahoma; Capuchino, Hilachas, Guamani, Faeton LaCE,  breeding.
74 times to Dulce  Sueno Will have depth to ribs, tall leg look, Full body will be in portation.  He'll look the same mature, only larger.
This cross has produced Very Well gaited foals many times. 
Corto & Excellant LARGO gaited this time.
  Willing, Not  quitters, THINKERS.
Gentle, respectful of people.  Trailers. 

For Sale      $6,000.  with papers application
   No papers $4,000.

Photos - none 

Fall of 1st Year
5th Solo ride with adults
5th Solo ride with adults; July 4th, 2015
5th Solo ride with adults
Joni's Dakota Jet 3 yr oldFor Sale: Gelding
Born:  May 21, 2012   
Color:  Black,
Breed:  Paso Fino & American Paso Largo Horse
Registered:  pending

Sire:   Chief Eagle Feather, PFHA # , Tiger Horse # 
Dam:  Joni's Westford Dakota,   PFHA #34,190

$4,000.   No papers$6,000. registeration papers application
Joni's Silken Flame3 yr oldFor Sale: Gelding
Born:  June 01, 2012   
Color:  Black to black bay,  no grey gene, star on forehead.
Breed:  Paso Fino & American Paso Largo Horse
Registered:  pending

Sire:   Chief Eagle Feather, PFHA # , Tiger Horse # 
Dam:  Joni's Slky Moon Ride,   PFHA #46,374

People lover, friendly.  Very good mover.

$4,000.   No papers$6,000. registeration papers application

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< Very Predominant bloodline. "Archetype," breed model/standard, of the Paso Fino breed - Puerto Rican line.
AT STUD and on consignment for sale.
Black Jack Flash         3 year old Stallion      For Sale $8,000. Firm
  Born:  May  12, 200614.3hh-15hh hands        
  Color: Black with 4 white socks, whisper of a star.SOLD
Breed: Paso Fino          Half Brother Two Moons Pegasus
  Registered: PFHA # 51,384
  (Dia Noche de HG X Angelica Guarda de HG)
     International  #114647        International #115969
black pintoblack pinto
Extremely friendly.  Training started.  Used for stud and still quite even around mares.

To: Handsome Prince stage @ 2 yr.
From:  Ugly duckling stage @ 2 months
When feed straight hay.
The only difference between Jack & my other horses is the different forage. They will all gorgious up with alfalfa.
When feed straight alfalfa.