1.  Both of those studs have a dilution gene which they can pass on 50% of the time.
That is bay to buckskin or sorrel to palomino,
palomino to cremello or buckskin to perlino.

Next this mare came close to being a perlino herself.  She is as white as a buttermilk buckskin can be.  Carries dun gene too.  She can produce a dilution in color 50% of the time as well.

So these cross have a high rate of cremello or *perlino.  Or a *buttermilk with an iridescent highlight to coat or pale palomino.

Next she has a very even star with a river runs through it style stripe which goes through her nose and ends on her lower lip.  CUTE> UNIGUE.  Still lots of frost in her mane and tail at age 2 1/2.  Cherry Black: mane, tail, and legs with 3 or 4 socks & points.  Socks are hard to see as she is so pale. 

2. Now to the main point of the foals value.
Silky's attitude itsself!!!!!!!! 
Sire #1's ( Futures) attitude is a close second.
Silky's attitude and mind summary.
A).  Contact was very minimal!  Shows what a smart thinker, patiencant, & understanding horse she is.  Remember she was started at 2 plus years.  Not as a foal.   OOH! SMART & MUCH QUIETER THEN MOST!
B.)  OOH!, Reining quality.
C) her color & diluation genes pluses
D) Bloodlines: Coral LaCE, Hilachas, Dulce Sueno, Capuchino
E) Athlete : Paso gait, reining, cutting, (short mouthed), compact build, deep ribs, refined head & throat latch.
F). Pleasure class Paso, bred for color, disposition, ranch and all-around horse, largo gait. Approx 14.2 to 14.3hh  Her full sister Misty made 15hh in Dec 2007. Misty is a Fast Fast galloper!  Silky has a bit less speed, but she makes up for it in smoothness and the ability to manuver quickly and tightly.  Shows a VERY NATURAL STRONG GAIT even in the beginning of riding her.

As a breeding facility we have reached the point where the bloodlines/ pedigrees are backed up by proof in regards to dispostion quality, mare size, gait, etc.

I will let you know how the rodeo and endurance racing season goes this year (year one, for the young stock produced here).

Silky's attitude and mind summary.
As a foal and yearling she was only hauled to and from pasture range 2 times a year, and seen people when they checked on the herd & when she was brought in for the Winter.  But only handled when trimmed twice a year. 

At age 21 months, March 2007 she was haltered and pulled around out of balance when she tried 3 different types of defense.  After which time she allowed trimming but was heavy with the feet.  Apparently not impressed, but tolerated me.  A month after wards, she suddenly on her own, started coming up and having contact with all people.  Which has continued, now a pocket pest and inspects all goings ons with other saddled horses.
At 23 months, May 2007 I caught her 3 to 4 times in one week and flexed her neck left and right a few times in a flexible sidepull.  The first time to the left she pulled and resisted the idea for a few moments then suddenly reversed and spun so fast I had to hold onto her tail base to keep my feet.   This she was able to keep doing for a few minutes and only quiet because I quiet.

Next I tried flexing to the right.  The result was, barely any resistance, then bam, she understood GIVING and flexing on the first attempt. And could spin on a dime!
Now at 2 1/2 years:
I caught her.
Day 1 Wednesday in the dark:  Haltered her.  Tied her to a post.  Quietly saddled her (including a breast collar).   She tensed up and raised her head.  I talked to her and she relaxed some. At which time I hand fed her some sweet feed as I moved around and adjusted everything.   However I had made sure that the rear cinch was tight enough to lift on the belly some.
Then I bitted her.  and continued a few bits of sweet feed.  I wiggled the saddle stirrup which caused she to move over to avoid and enlarged the eyes, raising the head.  I talked to her and she came out of it right away.  Next I untied her and walked her 100 feet.
Remember the rear cinch was adjusted to put pressure on belly no matter what.
Aside from trying to walk over me when nervous, nothing. 
Next I yanked on each stirrup legs.  Easing up, when she showed signs of choosing to calm down.   (Avoidance by side passing semi slowly & a very raised head was the worst.)  I thought that was unexpected.
SO, I pressed the issue by putting weight in one stirrup.  Nothing.  But she was watching.
Second try, I kept going, fully sitting on her. She just turned at looked at me.  Ears relaxed. OOH.
So with bridle reins in hand and lead rope I attempted at ride.  She got left and right immediately with light heal taps, and bit taps.  Willing to ride among herd. Moving her, occasionally, took a wiggle in saddle or a tap on shoulder.  Smooth carriage from the start.  Did reverse more then forward.

Day 2. Thursday in the dark:  Silky saddled up well.  Rode with some confidence, and for a few yards at a time  instead of a few feet.  She actually enjoyed moving other herd members.  And allowed me to ride her away from the herd with out stress.  Understanding forward is wanted, doing less reverse.  Is a bit smoother today.

Day 3. Saturday  Didn't work bit.  Stopped eating only long enough to insert bit.  Just looked at me when I transferred tack from her sister to herself.  I pushed the subject again and dropped the saddle on her.  But was careful not to slap her with cinches.
Got her snugged in tack and saddle.  Mounted her.  Since she decided to stand quietly at mounting I sat a few minutes to let it be the norm.  Silky then moved off and rode L and R, well and in a much loser rein.  Stopping came slower for her, but she picked up on the idea some tonight.  Moving well within a 100 yards of herd.  Thoroughly enjoys moving herd members around.
When stopped she would go straight to a rest body and lower head position.  Ears listening but laying in rest mode too.  Smooth carriage continues, and has improved some.
OOH a good minded horse through and through.  A definite keeper.  Dispositions like hers, are valuable.
And the breeding level here has reached a full cycle.  We now have the proof that what we are doing is fruitful in gait, disposition, size and athletic ability.
Day 4 Let her use speed to near gallop, and rode her around and around, flexing and moving out.
Day 5 Snaked a calf sled loaded with 16 gallon drum of water to water the stock.  During the process she fell on the iced embankment.  Stayed laying down while I dragged her front end then rear end over onto better footing.  No panicking, or struggling.  Two attempts and she was up, I mounted, we did the chores.  Absolute sweet tempered.  Being very naturally gaited, started showing up on day 4 when she was willing to do more then a walk. 
Day 6 We again worked at hauling water up to corraled stock.  Calmly stood tied where I left her for 1/2 hour at a time.
Note all these days, she was beingtrained/worked in the dark. She'd snort at the shadows and was causious but would work.
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