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I have big news for you. 

Aging doesn’t hurt, being stupid does. 

How do I know? 
I am 48 years young now.
Last year I was 47 years old stupid. 

I my case it only took 5 months of using my body detox machines and changing my entire life of eating, thinking, exercising, & sleeping habits.  Prior to this I was getting 16 miles of aerobic exercise daily but still obese & sick.

~Joni Lund~


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Spiritual Hurt
The answer.
We have a Class One Laser.  It stimulates soft tissue in a positive manner.

I use it to treat my back pain in my joints.  The joints that I have treated can go for most of a year before I have to treat again.  It relieves the pain by reducing my inflammation.  With the use of my chi, FIR Hot House, and the laser I have not needed to go to the chiropracter for 2 1/2 years.

On December 5, 2013 I used my cold laser to relieve the pain in my boken toe.  Daily for about a week then once a week since.  The first few days, the use of laser caused the removal of fluids (swelling) from the injury site.  I am able to walk on my foot since using the laser as long as I don't bend the toe itself.  I walk 16 miles a day at work carrying weight!       Joni Lund