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Joni Lund - Trading Post
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  Carrington, ND  58421
  Call:        Phone 701- 652-1986   for more immediate service.

Print outs of potenial dates will be sent out to the requesting men each month by email or mail.  Man's choice.
No addresses or phone numbers will be release to men.  A phone number only when no other contact way.
Membership fees to be paid in order to recieve listings. 
Strongly suggest women have PO Bx for correspondance, and a cell phone for conversing.
Mail paid membership fees to the above address, also make inquires that way as well.

Payment paypal to
postal money order sent to me via mail.
credit card vista or master card. 
Use purchasing order form.

If you paid by paypal email me so I know you ordered.
Monthly:  I will keep you listed until you recieve at least one date profile, even if your membership expires.
Yearly: I will keep you listed until you recieve at least twelve date profiles, even if your membership expires.
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Site Name:  Joni
Membership Active at This Time
Age:      50
Height:        6 ft.
Weight:      155 lbs
Hair:     Blonde
Eyes:    Blue

Style:  Audrey Hepburn, Western, & metro model Eva Longeora type.

#1.  Relationship Looking For
Tall Healthy Fit Christian Man: 35 to 55 years for
Dating, friendship, &/ or long term relationship, possible marriage.
A Responsible, adventurous man with the means to do it.
Rancher, farmer, hobbyist, entrepreneur, & animal lover a plus.

#2.  Relationship Looking Formen & woman to go to events with to socialize.

#3.  At the Core:

We could use words to describe who we are, but without actions, they are just words, so I will share some of my beliefs.

I believe you judge a tree by its fruit, and that is how I would like to be known.
I believe the road less traveled is the road filled with adventure.
I believe our future is shaped by the choices we make today.
I believe the seeds we sew today we will surely harvest tomorrow.
I believe thanksgiving is the root of joy, forgiveness the root of peace, and God the root of love.
I believe the idea that one life has more value than another, is the foundation of all that is unjust in this world.
I believe laughing at someone is far different than laughing with someone.
I believe thinking less about yourself is unhealthy, but thinking about yourself less, brings humility, and understanding.
I believe when you can laugh at yourself, it is an invitation for others to laugh with you.
I believe I am just a work in progress, and it is in that process, life is found.
I believe how one treats others is a reflection of how they see themselves.
I believe if you do not know who you are in Christ, you will be lost in the struggle of being who you think the world wants you to be.
I believe the most powerful tools a man possesses are his words, how he uses them determines if he is making a masterpiece or a mess.
I believe hard times build character, and good times test it.

What I am looking for?

A man who knows what it is to feel joy in the joy of others, to feel sadness in the sadness of others.
He not only knows and understands God unconditional love, but lives in its freedom, for it is His Spirit within him that makes his strength complete.

To be equally yoked, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.
He understands being right does not resolve conflict, getting what you want does not bring happiness, and love is the light of this world.

I am a born again believer, to me that means I allow God to shape my life according to His will, not shaping God into what my will and desires.

There is nothing more attractive or captivating then a man whom is in Christ, professes God’s/Christ’s Glorious ways and is not willing to compromise that for anyone!

One of my greatest joys is watching family, laughing, carefree, and full of joy. We all need that in our lives, and the time for that is as important as anything we make time for!
All though this does little to show my personality, I hope it sheds some light on the values I try to live my life by.

Wanted an adventurous God fearing Christian man whom is financially and socially responsible.

Comfortable in rural lifestyle/business & city business/socializing.
Takes care of his health, property, extended family connections well.
Wouldn’t mind adding different avenues to his life.
Travels from time to time. 
Comfortable with manual labor to management. 
Skill set pluses are: can weld, do carpentry, & vehicle/equipment maintaince/repairs a plus.
Is a rancher/farmer or hobbyist of such.  And loves it!  Rodeo’er or professional of ranch or rodeo support. 
Or entrepreneur/oilman/supportive professional whom would like to build another endeavor in country near a big city.
Entrepreneurs in other job fields welcome.  Actors/directors welcome.
Preferable in ND, MT, WY, CO, SD, MN, WI CA area.  Elsewhere possibly.

Can be romantic, gentleman, scholar, zesty, confident, twinkle in your eyes, and great sense of humor, grown up but can still play; all a real plus. 

*He whom thinks holding hands and touching base with your mate mentally and physically are necessary components which he can give.

Age range: 35 years to 50 yrs. preferred.  Height preference: 5’10” to 6’8” 
Preferred wage range: 

**Widowed, *Single, or divorced.  No married or separated men!  Unless your my man, please no phone sex!

To get to Know; for a possible future together of some kind.

What do you have on your dream/buck list?
What would full fill the dream God gave you?
What makes you grow?  What motivates you? 
What twitters your mind? 
What tweaks your thoughts? 
What puts a twinkle in your eye? Glow on your face? 
String in your step? 
The go in your mojo?
What twitter pates you?

Does the irrational lead you to higher ground?

Inquirer:  confident, tall, sexy blonde, comfortable in jeans to ballroom gown.  Wear dresses whenever possible.  Age 48. 
City to Ranch I can do, done, did, ETC.

Many interests, hobbies, abilities.

Type A personality with adventurous playful core, big heart, but tend to be stable, loyal, & caring.  I spend time developing & defending my social networks.  Form deep, solid friendships. 

I tend to work & play hard, like schedules, am detail orientated, respectful of traditions.  I enjoy new and different ideas and experiences, as long as they are safe.  Like to explore/unwind off the beaten path, let my hair down at times.

Generally popular, trustworthy, & dependable.  Gainfully employed & will remain such.

Traveled some, worked medical fields human-beast, working on degrees in medicine, like sword fencing, artist - near pro(3 fields), horse trainer, looking to do some "playing it forward" by way of missionary work, healing/teaching others about health/healing/building member only dude ranch thing. I treat people and animals holistically and with state of the art healing equipment.  I want to be the first rural green healing center in North Dakota. Looking for the other half of this/me.

I am in a growing, going, building & adventure stage right now. Looping the moon, while keeping my sensibility, and country values.  I understand all things are possible, the secret is just do it...the how will happen.

I have a buck list which is growing and it is an agenda to do those things.

Best way to contact me is to write by old fashioned mail. Please print a photo to go with a letter.

Parties interested in building & exploring this world and God’s promises with me:  write a bit about yourself, send photo(s), cell numbers, to: 
Carrington, ND  58421 -1905

What do you have on your dream/buck list?
What would full fill the dream God gave you?
What makes you grow?  What motivates you? 
What twitters your mind? 
What tweaks your thoughts? 
What puts a twinkle in your eye? Glow on your face? 
String in your step? 
The go in your mojo?
What twitter pates you?