Silencio Quieto de Luneta
Silencio Quieto de Luneta Offspring
Silencio's 2005 colt
Don Fabio
Silencio's 2005 filly.    Our Very own:
Joni's Silky Moon Ride  # 46,374She is a little thicker then Misty.

Silky in 2006

2005  Silky    a couple of weeks old

Silky 2005

SilkyJuly 2006

Silencio's 2004 colt

Silencio's 2003 filly

Silencio Quieto de Luneta  #30,622  cremello

Silencio's 2005 filly   Our very own.
Joni's Misty Moon#44,253She is  very big, and fast.   Largo mare.

  Misty  2004Misty2005Misty 2006

Represents the "Cremello" In the book "The Crystal Ball Of Equine Color" and the Paso Fino Breed in "Searching for the Perfect Horse" Silencio does possess dun factors, and he throws this in his foals. Will be used as the cover horse for the book "Horse Tales" Horse stories.