A psychopath will prey on you, and making their PAINS - your fault, thus justifying their sins, past and present behavior.

Two ways to know that anger and covetness is underground and running things:
1. Criticize and Judge: feel as if everything you do is  being "watched, scrutinized, and judged."Overtime you do anything, he's ready with rolling eyes, snide or mean comments about what you did or didn't do, about his own needs and somehow it's your fault they are not being met.  Or How you look, or what your wearing, Voiced loud or muttered, claimed as a joke.  - to be cruel without a defense from her.   A constant near ending  push to keep you feeling like a child being berated.  He judges you constantly because he's such a harsh judge on himself.  His guilt about his irritation and  (because he can't love) never leaves him, this "mild" way to express his anger is to projected on to you.  Telling you what you are doing wrong.  Setting people up to help him knock you down.  From friends to local police, a full day of finding a way to bring you down and target you.

Refuse to be a target remove any of the people he uses to enable himself in attacks against you in your life, including any church groups, friends, all of his associates, police and other legal representatives.  Some men will set about this from before marring.  Some keep digging for all the dirt he could find in order to use later, to undermine you.  So be careful if one like that is near you!

#2. Withdrawing  He drifts away in all areas.  Cheats, steals, destroys, etc.  He's angry, he doesn't know how to deal with it, and so he withdraws.  It's easier.  When you talk with him and try to be "understanding: and get to the problem, he just feels angrier, and withdraws more.  Or attacks you physically.  The obvious expression of anger is arguments, fighting, verbal, and physical attacks. With hidden anger, HE & you live in constant fear that the anger will surface. This is not speaking of a lifestyle.  If it is a lifestyle as I experienced, get out.  Otherwise, notice what is going on in you.  Speak the deepest feeling you can find in you.  "I feel " Keep expressing yourself.  #1. Stand your ground.  Don't apologize or blame him.   "Then he'll let you have it." He'll let his anger out.   You have to hear and experience; as long as it isn't directed at you.  When he turns on you, Say  I'm happy to hear, but I don't want to feel attacked.  If he doesn't change words/actions > Then you must turn around and walk away.(At this point I experienced phyiscal assaults.)  A man who NEEDS to put you down in order to feel okay won't let up right away.    He'll up the ante, and keep at you to try to get you to get a "rise" , so you go to your old defenses and he wins control.  And game of your wrong - based on the reactions he can get of you to show the world you are out of control _ NOT HIM (when in reality he is the puppet master in the relationship). He may panic and do the only thing he knows how to do -  ATTACK you.  Especially when all his other plans failed.  He may have to organize/regroup and try another "new tatic".  If you are physically attacked like I was, you must separate.  If this continues you must leave the relationship until he has received enough professional help that he is no longer a danger to you.  Plan to leave permantly.   He will pretend to . .  .vs feel all that stuff he has suppressed his whole life, vs taking responsibility for all the abuse and hate he has ladled upon those weaker and less cunning then himself. You must get professional help to stay safe & sane.  I did, & trained in abusive men, the reason I left and divorced because he didn't enter a drug and alochol treatment center or a top notch counseling treatment system for abusive men. Minimum of 411 sessions according Leslie Vernic.  This is how I spotted a lost cause: 1.  I investigated his past girl friends, and history..  2. He gets angery when he finds out you are investagating him.  3. He doesn't want to idn't want help at the time - even when were married, 4.  he lacked responsibility and gorup family ethics; 5.  beats down those weaker (especially women-rarely around men then he's weaker) and 6. go party and be the FUN the social groups to hide his LACK, 7.  Womanizer.
Picture links too.
Click pictures or text to go to different links.  All Have a Different Songs which sums up this man's ways or his wife's love for him.

~ Health Renewal Center:  You & Your animals.

~ Motivational Speaker, Artist, Merchandise Sales.

~ Paradise Ranch: Grounds, Breeding & Sales of Paso Fino Horses/Mules

Joni Lund - Trading Post & Healing
1295 1st St S
  Carrington, ND  58421-1905
Phone: (701) 652-1986 office  9 AM - 9 PM Central; call late. 
for more immediate service, leave message.  Prefer all contact by postal service mail.

  No non-paying solicitor calls accepted.

I needed your help, care, kindness, loving, gentleness, your time, loyality, support, affection, attention, gentleman ways, doors openned, chairs pulled out, your respect, and above all else your love.  I also expected you to be a man and keep your word.  Pay me back for the wedding bands, loans, and etc.  Be a provider:  pay your half of utilities, insurance, storage, and taxes.  Help with chores, and heavy work.  Help up keep our home without it being all my responsible for the work and expense of. Marriage & Sex be more then a torture chamber, I had to survive, or something you got but refused to give me.  Phyisally impaired me for life.
Pulling chairs out on three dates wasn't a life time of carring; believe me. Dates you stold my money to pay for.  Lying and stealing from me before and after marriiage proved you to be disloyal & untrustworthly, selfish, WOLF, so were your sexual pursuits out side marriage until April 1st 2015.  Your actions of Spring and Summer of 2014, no help, care, kindness, loving, gentleness, your time, loyality, support, affection, attention, gentleman ways, doors openned, chairs pulled out, your respect, and above all else your love showed me you didn't love me & had only used for liquidation pocket money and better place to live for the Winter.  Makes me sick to think I gave you everything, and you dishonored it all.  I even went against my family to be yours. BOYS SHACK UP; MEN BUILD HOMES AND FAMILY!  Men protect their women vs attack & destroy them.  Every thing Chazz Ellis on you tube warns women to look out for this man did to his wife.  "Player" "Ungrown up Boy in Man's Body", "Willing to Marry to get one over on you".  Has a target and the other women are enlisted to enable his activities in his project/game & to support him.
HISTORY of John R. Ford or John Russell Ford as he told it. Professed flander of more then 2,600 women. Born November 24, 1954 to Marlene Ford and Gerald or Charles Hightower(Irish man)  from Moorefield, WV.  Marlene Ford born March 25, 1939 died 1985.  Her father was Robert Ford (Indian Black). His mother was Indian women and his father black. Marlene' s mother was Elizabeth Taylor (black) and her mother was Pearl Taylor (black) from WV.  John last came from Battleview Mountain, NV.  But Ruth Vandal said he came from California.
Aunt:  Bernice  from NV.

Known associates: Amber Howdahl (Lewis?)1730   40th  ST SW, Fargo, ND  58103.  Doug (Youst?); House mate and woman while married after he returned in Jan 2015 to late spring April: Sandy Rose 1040 5th ST N. Carrington, ND  58421., Frankie (Francis) Gaspar 1415 1st ST S Apt F23, Carrington, ND 58421, Ray 863 5th ST N Carrington, ND  58421. 

Person & Address of interest  Aaron Bulter 518 3rd ST s, Carrington, ND  58421;
John Ford    863 5th ST N Carrington, ND  58421 or 1415 1st ST S Apt F23, Carrington, ND 58421

Exgirl friends: Kari G. Weber, Kari L. Weber, Carol S Purvis (Battle Mountain, NV).  Ex girl friend: Ruth Vandal Fargo ND (218)-407-3740. Owes Misty of Fargo approx. $700.00    Owes wife approx $8,000 plus truck. John was on a theft spree prior to leaving Carrington stealing any of my tools he could to trade or cash.
String of women since March 1st. then Dec 2015 Shacked up with Jennifer R. Petronilo  Born march 1983 (31 yrs) old living at 246 Nottingham Drive; Livingston, TX 77351. Jennifer's phone # (936) 566-5511   John Fords Number under Jennifer is (936) 223-0824.

Alleged Drug Associates: Orrie (Ory)Smith of CA, [(Seen buying white powder in [small brown envelopes 2 1/2"w x 4" long from Johnathan Aljet])  "Mark ___,, drove around smoking marhuana on lunch break.".John Ford.  "Spent jail time with Brian P.; all of Carrington, ND."

"Ran with Cuban dealors girlfriends in Flordia and Cuba." John Ford

Women are his butty call, source of home,food, money, and transportation. His jobs will be short lived cause once he's got you he don't need a job.
Will sleep with any one as long as they provide something for him. It isn't that you are special!  A PLAYER, INSECURE MAN, RUNNER, NONBUIDER.

Med to Light: Colored man, "looks cuban", Married March 1, 2014. Worked and fired from Dakota Growers pasta plant Carrington ND; & Stop N Go. 
Theme of his life: Johnny Cash's Hurt,  Gods Going To Cut You Down; through Blue Eyes-The WHO. Cheating, steal you blind husband and removes property from neighborhood and his employers.

Siblings of Marlene Ford his mother: Aunt Bernice L. Blackwood born Aug 5, 1947,  Aunt Margaret, Uncle Robert L. Ford Jr, Donald Ford, Alice Ford, Clearance Ford, Kay Ford, Frannis Ford, Thelma Ford, Joyice Ford.

"John Ford is Banned from driving in State of Florida for life." Got in law trouble in MT, ND, & MN. " Worked for a man on reservation in NV.  Whom when John stoled man's vechile to force payment of wages the man wouldn't report John cause he didn't want police involved.  John wedged the man's car between two trees & promised to do same with man's work truck if man didn't comply.  John took stolen guns to this man he worked for.  One gun went off.  Still hole in window.  Man had some type of garage. This man & John sold recreational chemicals.  While there John lived with a Native American woman out in the desert in Neveda to hide." 
Bragged after marriage to neighbor that his "rap sheet is as long as both arms and legs, yet pasta plant hired him."
Last stated going to Alaska. (However not a cold weather man.)  But he'd been associating with a "fat ulgy women in Fargo, ND "She goning to live at his place pay the rent & bills while he traveled to Alaska." "he says he can't see how he is going to be able to have sex with her, I said then don't."  Shack up around Carrington, ND since April 2014.  That is when the worst abuse started.


Information from Ruth, John & websearches.

USPS says there is an email going to people stating something about a package.

The post office isn't sending them.  Could have a versus attached or trying to get money.

The post office doesn't send out emails to customers saying a package is "anything".
People are getting phone calls saying they have won the "(             )" lottery.   You will be asked to pay some type of fee or to provide personal social security number or bank account stuff.  (The other one is relative is in custody need fine $.)

1.  If you won something, you will not be paying a fee  to receive it.
2.  Your bank would not be asking for SS# they already have it or account numbers.
People in North Dakota are recieving phone calls stating this is the police, if you pay this fine of () dollars, you won't be charged or arrested.

Niece or nephrew is in jail,

Lottery winner, pay tax or shipping on . . . .

"Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the your game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life time."  {I am a "Selfish" man,  "all you'll find is that I am a very very evil man."John Ford.  He was right.} John Russell Ford; born November  24, 1954}  Very Understated! according to my experience.   Owes wife $7,000+  medical bills, insurance refund checks, & an apology, continued  health problems from incidents; plus my God given rights as a wife, woman, and human being.  Four major assaults, numerous threats later:  You choose Alcohol, Stealing from wife , breaking protection order all year, & dictatorship OVER Marriage, Friendship, and having a child; and traveling when we could together.   John, "Is  "jokes":, replacing you, cheating on you, divorcing you, Bye, Bye, Later, Have a nice life"   "so" (then call next day like nothing happened and want "more"/ and the next day - then break up) are they funny now? If this the laugh you planned? "I'm going to make the rest of your life a living hell." " Sorry about your luck." John Ford. (What did you think emotional abuse would do? )
  But I am glad you are gone,  Because the abuse and neglect went with you.
My opinion is this charmer is a very very mentally ill: abuser, narcissistic PSYCHOPATH, misogynist, and ?-sociopath.  ADHD -left frontal lobe injury severe in car accident;  LIARTHIEFCHEATDESTROYERPLAYER!COLD HEARTED able to cry at a drop of a dime.

Mrs. John Ford March 1, 2014 -  December 8, 2014; Papers finalized 4-1-2015

List of people adversely affected by John's behaviors

Moorefield, WVCarol S.  Zirk

Petersberg, WVHeidi Hoistad

Angie Vance

Angel Pierson - theft, & etc

? Haazel Srout Crane

Reno, NV ? Tina MCCarty,  maybe have been in relationship

Carrington , ND      Joni Lund - abuses , assaults, and theft; Owes close to $8,000. plus truck.

Moorhead, MNRuth Vandal - abuses, assaults, and theft

Fargo, NDMisty - owes $700.00

{How a Man treats a 1St choice woman, he does:  Do stuff to make her life better.(If he settles and doesn't want her:  he's lazy and doesn't do much in her world to make her life better.  Not doing a lot of things asked for , rarely does the relationship move forward if living together cause she's not what he wants. 

How to tell a man is the first choice for a woman:   {"If you Want Something You will give it your all: you treat it better.}

If a women loves a man: she wants to make a happy home, happy nest, happy future, together, happy everything, a close connection, fix problems." Chazz Ellis] For women this could included shops and buys little tokens of love for special moments, all gifts bought a year in advance!  Thinking of you and love for you through out her day.

According Chazz Ellis "(self professed "full of shit nigger"): {Men like this are "full of shit nigger with low self-esteem playing a nasty game" >>  Instead of doing things to have himself endured to his wife like in a girlfriend/boy friend type relationship.

He is doing:  PLAYING GAMES  Why?  Method to keep ttarget  interested, the Jerk Face Way.

1.  JERK Face WAY:  so inematic, keep you figuring out what he doing.
2.  The first sign is, always wants to know what you feeling about him, but vague about his feelings towards you.  This is to get a base line on
you without giving you much in return.
3.  Constantly makes plans, then cancels without giving notice, with an Oh, Sorry. (False promises fall in there too.)
4.  Man disappears for days, weeks, months,& acts like nothing happened when he returns. ( includes announce  together/not         together cycles. Destroy her  emotional, then next day act like nothing happen, or ask for major things 2 days later).
5.  Man responds to HARSH HARASH criticism via with an apologize back without getting mad.  "OK', or "I understand" Right after that, they
try a reconnection with you.  REPEATEDLY.
6.  Every time; they leave you empty, frustrated, & angry after each encounter.  But you strangely always want more .
Why do you put up with it?  Because this causes you to CHASE ghosts >(them Or truth of story).
Then the detective kicks in, in you to know.  You chase to the end of the earth to find out what is going on? 
They never give you more or an answer. 
7.  They feel you have what they want.  For some it is all about, acquiring a woman's wealth & sex/control, the chase, the hunt, when man is successful - your no longer interesting, and he'll dump you married or not.  The man will destroy what he can in your life as retribution.

What can you do?  STOP.  Stop trying to play(figure put what is going on)/follow what their GAME is doing. As long as you play(try to figure it out); they WIN.  They already like you.  They don't feel like they have enough to offer you; So . . . .  How they get control of  you?  Is by playing of the GAME; to get you pissed off.

When they get you pissed off, they don't like you as much and it helps them.  Cause you tell them how awful they are.
It helps them not like you as much and gives them strength when you dislike them.  Be Real. 
Lay it out for them that you don't like them when they do ."x".  and then keep your distance.  Get them out of your life.}

THIS PLAYER, like others; makes the begining so good they get past your defenses, that a nice guys gets caught in.
(Hook,    Line    &    Sink     her.) The player Sets the hook in your mouth -  (the prize he has created).
     And they know it will keep you coming back for the rest of your life. Trying to get that hooked high. 

The only thing that works with men like this is to bond with him prior to a relationship - so strongly & emotionally that he would care verses use her -. providing they are not misogynists or a narcissistic psychopath.  

Everything any man does is based on what you are to him.
The Player builds equity with you, so you take their shit later, even 8 years later.  
If a man values you, he can't use you easily cause he won't want to." Chazz Ellis

When you are able to stop participating in the PLAYER'S game, he'll split like his tail was soaked in ceresin and set on fire.  They may even continue to taunt you from a distance.  Tell you HOW MUCH HE HATES YOU!   Hurt you if no other control works.  Basically Liars - it is the loss of control & ability to steal they hate. He never loved you - he doesn't know how to love! 

What you do is think . "Good then go with my blessing! and don't return!"

Some will even be willing to marry to keep their hooks in - You are not long term  if you get comments similar to You should sleep on the floor or on a pile of boxes if you complain of being kicked in kidneys at night; or him taking up  the whole bed.  If you are the one with a job to go to in the morning with out sleep!  Plain abuse!

He values nothing, especially other people or their lives, everything in your life is a weapon to be used against you for controlling or hurting you and/or to liquidate for cash.

Women are this type of man's his booty call, source of : home, food, money, and transportation.  His job will be short lived; cause once he's got you he don't need a job.  Most of his energy and thinking entails controlling or manipulating you. He will sleep with any one; as long as they provide something for him; it isn't that you are special.  This man's livelihood depends on how well he can read you, so he will constantly ask you, BUT he doesn't divulge anything very personal and nothing recent.  Just ancient history and little of it. 
Uses "I Love You" like a money exchange, with no value backed up in what he says.  Actions don't match.  Example would be:   Insistently give you control of $, then have you pay bills and borrow back more then he gaves you.  If you catch that; he makes a big things about trust, relationship, giving selfishly, sharing, and he's generous cause he gave you everything, now your expected to buy more than he  They call this "a slick operator".

Another sign:  He has nothing to show for late years of life.  2.  He claims he isn't materialistic; not true - because he wants what you got & will take it for pawn and bribery to buy loyality of others. Truth is, his whole life, he has lost or abandoned EVERYTHING.  Property and people.  WHY? Cause he uses/robs people; especially emotionally verses builds, so he has lot of legal problems/criminal ordeals, which he RUNS from too.  A lot of emotional problems he RUNS from.  When people get to know him he can't put the game on them anymore.  So he splits. Men like this especially likes church victims; as church people keep coming back for more "treatment". 
Verses doing the right thing:  all he has to do is be REAL and face what he has done.  AND fix these things, but he refuses to hold his ground like a man. Keeps fleeing to new hunting grounds.  New women and people to live off of.
SO now HE has injured another woman, maybe lost children now too.

You should do a background checking on him before flling in love with him.  

EVERY COUNSOR AND PROFESSIONAL I TALKED TO About a situation like this SAID, THERE NEVER WAS A MARRIAGE WITH "X" SO DIVORCE AND LEAVE HIM Including Gary Smalley twice live on radio!  "This is Not a marriage, not even a marriage on paper. In reality just a name change and expectancy of a husband for the woman.  A legal way to use someone."  From Gary Smalley, nationally renowned marriage counslor to local physicologists all said leave this type of man.  POINTLESS TO BE USED!  This type of man has no intention of being a husband or he would have been one.

On of the mornings of John Ford doing  fly by hazing & harassment on h bicycle.John Ford breaking protection order on sept 28, 2014 approx 10:30Am. come into the house @ 1295 1st ST S 58421.  Tried to get voka from Joni, Got pissed when she wouldn't unless he paid for it as he had promised, so took the gift of meat back with himself.  John Ford yelled some stuff at me about having a girl friend and she "really" like him sexually!"John Ford In yard and garden I followed the sound of someone in yard, up to along tree line and caught this on camera.
aug 6-10, 2014
John Ford Was at end of sidewalk and yelled something at me.
You Lie Like a Rug!
God's Going To Cut You Down!
John  Russell Ford Breaking the Protection Order  Aug 2014 to Oct 2014
games 1 & 2
Simply How is  to be in a relationnship with a player/user/ or abuser as only Chazz Ellis can say it.Below.
To make it crystal clear.
DO NOT RETURN ever.  We don't want a drug using, liar, thief to contend with.  No one wants your drug world miseries in their lives.
I Don't want a player, Actor, unresponsive person, or Boy!

Have you talked to the police about your brown envelopes with white powder in them yet that you where getting form Jonathan?  Which you commonly hide in your bath towels.

Repentance with a public apology needed: Your picture in the paper with :

   1. A public apology to me for spreading rumors that I have AIDES - and I don';t lab report proves.
   2. Spreading the word that I am no longer running my Healing & Leather work business. - I am still operating it!   Saying I was arrested March 2015 in Foster
coutny.  All departments of law informent can attest Not true.
   3. State in there publicly that you had affairs while you where married to me & you apologize for them, the dishonor, & lying to all the women involved.
   4.  Replace everything - removed off the property that you never bought, replace everything you destroyed.

From the view point of a healer 
1.  IWhat a man like this is doing is accuse you of, what his  "heart and mind state is" and project it onto you.
2.  Loves his illness and cleaves to his sins. That is why it doesn't change, not repentant.  This drives others off.   It isI understand you are hurting that is why other are so patient and forgiving.   You like to manuipulate thats why you keep bothering her.  And to play your hurt her and piss her off game for power.   Yet he hates you, for his own weaknesses and/or for how much he needs you to take away the hurt. Even when you don't feel love.   1-3 times Weekly u may have  to face a break up weekly at his hand and toung; and bi-weekly forgiving you to restart, at his request or manipulation.  And dealing with the damages he  is doing.  Finally after loosing every thing important to yoou repeatedly and being as scared as one can get at the hands of  a man.  His calishness looses all of it's "effect" and terror for mher   Now it is something required of the her to do for abiding with the law to stop his game and to get him help through the penal system at this point.
3. This is his whole world.
4 .No more break ups and take you back spirals. 
5.Those exposed to heavy metals (agent orange in Vietnam), plus (drugs, glutamates/aspatame: cause over brain stimiluation but in case of frontal lobe injuries people often self medicate with them), and are very toxic cellularly and it's coming out of them in various forms of mental and spiritual health or lack there of.  THe abuser makes choices to stay this way.
For her be grateful for life!  It does get better, takes time.  I understand the world is fluid but not liquid; filled with presence of God in all things and that in grace and love all things are possible.  That is why I believe in miracles, and that you can heal.  Spen most of your timein  wonder of God's ways. An fixing faults you see in yourself as God's spirit shows you what to work on.  I get that by reading your Bible.  AndI focus on the future.   Don't spend time thinking how shorted yoou are in life. See God's love. Be grateful for what you have even if it is a work in progress.
Characteristics of a sociopath
1st impression with out a word spoken either way:  cold, stiff, hiding something.
2nd impression: Charming, clean cut.  but you missed the fact he never talked about a past or future.  Marriage proposal comes suddenly out of Left Field.  About the time you voice caution.

Characteristics of a sociopath from the National Insitues of Health: Sociopathology , also known as antisocial personality disorder, is a mental health condition in which a person has a long term pattern of MANIPULATING, EXPLOITING or VIOLATING THE  RIGHTS of OTHERS.

Genetic factors and environmental factors, such as child abuse, are believed to contribute to the development of this condition.  People with an ANTISOCIAL or ALCOHOLIC parent are at increased risk.  Fire-setting and cruelty to animals during childhood are linked to the development of anitsocial personality.

Symptoms  include:  being able TO ACT WITTY, and CHARMING; being good at FLATTERY, and MANIPULATING other people's EMOTIONS, BREAKING the LAW REPEADEDLY, DISGARDING the SAFETY of SELF and OTHERS; having PROBLEMS with SUBSTANCE ABUSE; LYING, STEALING and { FIGHTING OFTEN (our case every 8-10 days violent or he can't relax)}; Not SHOWING GUILT or REMORSE; OFTEN BEING ANGRY OR ARROGANT. COLD, pro-Actor with completely different show for each social group!
Some advice from the woman to a user. Women and relationships to you are disposable, that's why you'll never have a long term anything.
Once the new is worn off your gone; in which case you'll will never experience anything other then selfish sex.  No true deep love, intimacy or the depth of friendship it develops; with what you practice.
You Lie Like a Rug!
God's Going To Cut You Down!
games 1 & 2
"John's theme song."  Is a man constantly on defensive & on attack in order to feel OK with himself.  I stayed vulnerable and open.  Yet, I surprised you and walk away as the experts advised when you refused to heal and live in peace.    Take your meds babe, and get well.  I realized you had pain issues, but never dreamed you'd beat and attempt to kill me.  You Sheath with self hatred, and anger.  And will make everyone pay whom doesn't help enable him. 

PEOPLE WHOM REFUSE TO GET RIGHT WITH GOD DO; TEND TO HAVE OTHER PEOPLE AROUND THEM WHOM MAKE SURE THEIR NEEDS TO SURVIVE ARE MET AND ENABLE Their on Going SINS.  When I realized you were preying on me, and making your PAINS -my fault thus justify your sins, past and present behavior; I stopped ENABLING YOU.  I realized physically fleeing from you when you where in those modes became near death experiences I got him out of the home.  For both of our sakes, my life and your rehabilutation.