Best of the Best 
In every walk of life there are those who rise above.

They are truely the best of the best.

This page is in honor of those people.

To: every single parent whom worked hard all those years making sure their children where cared for and raised properly, regardless.  Society Thanks you.

To: Every parent whom held their children up to a standard.  Society Thanks you.
To: Every volunteer whom give of themselves to better others. And to their families.  Humanity Thanks you.
To: Every civil servant.  Thank you for protecting and providing a better quality of life for year community, state, and country.
To: All those doing your job, Thank you for being a building block for tomorrow.
To: Those of you whom do the little routine things each day, without recieving a big pay check, a big reward.  Thank you for being the foundation of tomorrow society.

It is all of you whom pave the way for the heros of the world and tomorrow people.  We thank you.

Man O'War

Theodore Roosevelt


~ Health Renewal Center:  You & Your animals.

~ Motivational Speaker, Artist, Merchandise Sales.

~ Paradise Ranch: Grounds, Breeding & Sales of Paso Fino Horses/Mules

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